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  1. Happened twice again, but both times in fissure missions.
  2. Happened to me an hour ago, found some old videos of people with the problem, so whatever it is - it happens in the enhanced engine too.
  3. On K-drive > off K-drive > operator > ...this:
  4. Besides getting stuck midair with no obstructions (usually pretty far away), maneuvering like imbeciles through the mushroom scenery (making sure to hit everything in sight, severl times for good measure), or doing around four spins (and/or ups-and-downs) before dropping the troops, they also...:
  5. Same issue here, it just doesn't want to get scanned, no matter the distance/angle.
  6. My Warframe became uncontrollable after trying to go into operator (in the onslaught mode) The Warframe simply moves forward on its own in walk speed, animations/abilities/weapons/transference did not work Right clicking changes the direction of where the Warframe automatically moves to, jump & slide work too, but that's about it Going to the next zone fixed it though
  7. I'll just list the issues I've had so far with the new game mode. At the end of each issue I'll mention in what mode it happened to me. The most common and most infuriating bug at the moment is losing all progress/loot on host migrations, and this is how most of those happen - I'll be using zones 8 & 9 as an example here (Public/Invite Only groups): The TL;DR version as an image: The other version: Everyone stays in zone 8 with an open portal = everyone gets AAB rewards but NOT C ("DE's intended way to exit" - not funny DE...) Host stays i
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