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  1. "Unlinkable" not "Unlikable" - it was also merely an example of how DE repeats itself doing bad development (and QA) practices, and I did not say the unskippable chatter was a 'bug' but a UX (user experience) issue. Don't. Your /played time plays no role in this, nor does mine, you're also being too generous towards the 99% stat (idk why you brought this up anyway, it's irrelevant & makes DE seem like they got no ideas of their own on what/how to fix things). Fetch is a horrible example as well, since if all players will end up using a vacuum mod on their companion, it should probably be made global, instead of taking a mod slot. You keep talking of "yelling", yet all I did was using formatting to highlight three sentences, none of which were in all caps... Calling BS is not being rude (if getting told that something you did was objectively bad is triggering you, there's an issue, and it's not with the side pointing it out), kissing ... doesn't help anyone either. We all also know that DE pretty much abandons all new content after a few weeks & only does a few gamebreaking/exploit fixes - so now is the only time they might listen.
  2. It felt like eternity. This is a repeatable issue that DE chose on purpose with zero consideration for the user experience - suggestions are put in the trash can, votes are nonexistent. This is a complete b***s*** excuse, as I pointed out in my original message. DE keeps repeating bad practices, keeps releasing new items/content with the same bugs/"unintended mechanics" (new items unlinkable, new Baro weapons untradeable, Orbs being affected by the -shield aura [and Rebb joking about it ] ) every, damned, time... and people like you tell the people pointing out these things to 'chill'?
  3. So let me get this straight - you conscientiously locked a repeatable mission behind several minutes of unskippable dialogue (!?!) because of some made up bs excuse ??? Do you even care about your user experience at all (any UX whatsoever)? Or does it all revolve around cosmetic garbage? Any gamer, any QA member, any playtester, would tell you outright, that (especially) in a game where you repeat the same thing over and over again - to make every damned cutscene skippable! I've said it a few times already, and I'll repeat myself again - beef up your QA team, listen to them, your QA team should have 'teeth' and a say in what and how things come out! As things stand, most of the playerbase is convinced you don't have one, at all. Make every cutscene skippable please! There are a ton of ways to prevent accidental skips too (f.ex.: hold a button for 2-3 seconds with a visual indicator). Examples of MASSIVE time sink conversations: Quill Onkko - pick the "Onkko?" conversation option - I've accidentally clicked it quite a few times & it was not fun! When "Plague Star" is live - pick the "Infestation?" conversation option - you can easily misclick it & get stuck in the conversation! What's even worse is that you can't tell your team what's taking so long since the entire game is locked in that damned state! p.s.: You still got several game locking bugs entering the conversation in the back room while also swapping to operator and/or using the ESC menu.
  4. Your official droptable site isn't getting updated at the same time as the patches... (and is still missing a lot of stuff) https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html
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