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  1. Ok so someone posts a opinion on whether or not something DE is taking time and effort in order to create. And that opinion has zero insight. In what way does it have zero insight. I think you have absolutely no insight. Because if you knew the size of the team, the scale of the projects they do etc.. Then anyone can have an opinion as to whether or not this feature should go into the game. Someone putting up their opinion is not farming for upvotes. And more importantly, saying the person has zero insight and then assuming that a participant whos posting their opinion on a small, random
  2. Its a shame that while there are very objective and reasonable arguments towards the removal of raids yet the loudest bunch are people like you who make very compelling tangents such as "I don't need endgame to have fun" which just makes you the center for ridicule and above that lowers the quality of the actual good arguments that can be made.
  3. Pent i love you to bits, and your posts. But trials are not challenging at all... Well said regardless
  4. haha wow Anyways, despite warframe being an open market. People can discover trends, if a certain item sells for 1k then that items and related items will convince buyers to sell for that same price. In the case of scoliac rivens you get what you pay for
  5. "Their" or "his" or "@--q--Voltage" hope you learned something as well
  6. Offers here: Nothing lower than 1.5k
  7. http://imgur.com/a/tKsz8 Highest offers win Prices cannot be lower than 200-250 depending on mod The servers are getting ko'd atm . So write in this tread or DM me.
  8. megan pls what about the distiller changes? i neeeed it
  9. I agree, I really enjoyed PvP in the earlier stages, it was much simpler and much easier to balance.
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