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  1. • Each Type of Integrated Avionics will only exist with one House instead of having a selection of three Houses (manufacturers). This means that there will no longer be three variants for the same Avionics. • Consolidated Avionics have seen their Avionics Capacity Drain changed in order to reduce it by 20% on average. This guarantees players a more comfortable adaptation of their builds and in the way they want in this new consolidated system based on comments from the Public Test Server. • Integrated "retired" avionics will be removed from the Players Inventory via a script the next time they connect to the game. • The remaining Integrated Avionics for each Type will take the values of the highest Avionics of its type. • ALL Diracs used during the improvement of Integrated Avionics will be reimbursed. This applies to both retired and remaining avionics .• ALL remaining Avionics will have their Improvements drained.
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