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  1. Exactly..being lucky is the only way u can prove others that u are elite xD u deserve to have it 😛 I dont mind grinding either but my piint is there is a limit for ach grind..this grind feels unlimited
  2. I know its not good looking..eidolon eophemera makes flame better but I just want it for collection...this only thing is left for me now..and ya like u said I need to keep that mindset and farm it..I need everything else except that ephemera and eventualy it will drop xD
  3. I mean there r so many ways that we could get the ephemera
  4. That feels bad I know....These have been done several times..some players grind nhard to get something den later it is available easily
  5. Ok so I just finished my 410th ESO run(zone 8 rot C) and yes I counted..coz I was expecting to get the Blazing Step ephemera everytime I started the runs and as usual it disappointed me, well I am not complaining or this is not a crybaby post..personally I am a fan of warframe grind system yes I enjoy the grinds..I think the harder to get something gives the more satisfaction after getting it finally.Anyway coming to the actual point I wanna highlight...The foot cosmetics 'ephemeras'.... Well DE pretty much said that not everyone can have these as these are supposed to be elite rewards so u gotta get lucky with the drops..for my case I dint find any difficulty while grinding these ephemeras : Freezing, Shocking, Seeding, Smoking, Bleeding, Eidolon and Fae path...but the blazing step ephemera has now become the only one reason for me to do ESO everyday everytime...I have nothing else to get from eso rather than this...also I maxed my all focus schools...Today one MR 21 guy from squad said that he got the blazing step after 4 eso runs...well one MR 9 guy said that he got it after 2nd run and here I dint get it yet after 400+ runs ..I mean this can not be fair..The grind should be somehow balanced for all the players...It feels bad and I am just not only narrating what happened but I wanna suggest what should happen to make this feel less grindy and balanced .. This is my request to DE..I want you to consider just this particular ephemera and make this available by some other ways possible please..Maybe u can do this : make this a guaranteed drop after 20 or 24 zones in ESO or make it purchasable from the arbiter hexis trader for 20 vitus or even more maybe or maybe like this "Do ESO 8 zones 20 times and then we will get a guaranteed resource in inbox message which resource will be needed to buy the ephemera from some trader" I mean there are so many ways u can put this...As a completionist I love to collect everything in the game..This is the only ephemera that I am missing out right now...and after hearing such things like " I got in 4 runs..I got in 2 runs" it just kills the excitement to grind it...whereas I am at my 410th run with no BLAZING STEP... PLEASE DE CONSIDER THIS PARTICULAR EPHEMERA AND MAKE IT AVAILBLE THORUGH OTHER WAYS. (From a Warframe fan since more than 1 year and a grind lover)
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