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  1. Just posting to echo others; My Xoris sometimes seems to never run out of WW/BR/Gladiator buffs, and sometimes I can't even get to x12 before the buffs reset (while the combo counter remains firmly where it's supposed to be).
  2. The strategy I am using involves a lot of very rapid switching between weapons, that might be relevant here? In case you want to try to reproduce this.... I am using Nezha. I throw the xoris, while it is bouncing around I throw a chakram (nezha 2), then I buffer a xoris throw, catch the xoris and instantly throw again, then left-click to switch to+fire my bubonico, then middle-click to alternate-fire the bubonico, buffer, catch, and instantly throw the xoris, throw a chakram, throw xoris, shoot bubonico, throw xoris, throw chakram, throw xoris, etc. Its complicated, but it spams s
  3. I have the exact same problem. I just tried to play the index and my xoris kept resetting to 0 stacks of weeping wounds/BR/gladiator. Made it real hard to do enough damage to the brokers. I had to check the top right corner constantly to see if my stacks were gone, so I could manually detonate the glaive and start over. DE plz fix much luv <3 EDIT: My repro is a little different from the above though... mine could easily happen after only 5 or 6 kills on brokers, and on any point during the x2->x12 journey. So, I could have reset at x3, and then stack up to x9 and have
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