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  1. Funny, I thought the drops were the treat and having to watch a cringey stream was the trick.
  2. I'd have said not, but there8's nothing to lose by testing it, thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Well I just got 5 orokin cells, and honestly, it makes me hate the game a little bit more.
  4. UPDATE Happened again, this time in a sortie.
  5. My friend keeps getting less than the 500 standard Cryotic rewards from lich excavations where as I'm granted the full reward. He first noticed it the other day, but we observed it twice today. He checked his cryotic before and after the second mission and it had increased by the amount shown on the end-of-mission screen. Is this a known issue?
  6. Looks like it's just an extension of this weeks drop into the weekend. Not next week's drops.
  7. And/or perhaps building silver tier & bronze tier forma blueprints simultaneously?
  8. As far a QoL goes, any chance of an option to delete hounds from the foundry and a 'hide vaulted' option for void relics? It's just that both my (and I'm sure many others') foundry and relic screens have gotten monstrously out of hand.
  9. Looks like that super annoying ui bug is back, where the nightwave bounty popup never leaves the screen.
  10. She doesn't even need a drop, some or us would kill her without remorse if only to end the purple transmissions.
  11. Any news on deleting hounds from the foundry or a 'hide vaulted' option for the relic screen?
  12. I'm fairly certain I explained this to you last week, so it looks like you're really struggling with the viewership/drop transaction dynamic. Here it is as simply as I can muster The twitch streams are marketing. More viewers = better stream(marketing) Streaming is distasteful to many people and they would ordinarily avoid the streams. Drops help to capture an extended, & otherwise absent audience. If you enjoy the streams, that's great, you can just shush & watch them. All good! The more you complain about those who want better drops, the more likely it is that de will phase out their own community streams due to a lack of viewership.
  13. I recently purchased the bloodshed sigil, and it does not work. It frequently shows in the arsenal but visually disappears outside of the arsenal & is not present in mission.
  14. Got the glyph 4 times & already had it -_- grabbags suck.
  15. Maybe I'm missing something, but this is absolutely still not good enough. Max 4 holokeys tagged on to lich vanquish and a few more from voidstorms? To say nothing of the disappointing key drop chance, the expense of each individual weapon, being locked to one per each weapon per rotation, players not having autonomy over status and still having 25% status instances (i.e. +2.7% status increase to existing weapons). The tenet melee grind is still almost as insulting as the jugulus/saxum mod grind.
  16. Kdrive controls on controller suck Inability to skip quest cutscenes is bad Inability to attach make-kdrive-easier mods to the launcher/without first purchasing a kdrive is kinda scummy Oh yeah and kdrive controls on a controller really suck.
  17. As with the preintermission intermission, why must we have a postintermission intermission? Can't you just start the new battlepass as you remove the old? Not having a viable source of nitain is getting really boring.
  18. I can't speak with 100% certainty on the specific drops, however my experiences would indicate 'not'.
  19. Are you going to be upping the cap, never realised there would be one & now I've no way to get nitain. It's rather frustrating.
  20. If de wanted me to keep it, they should have treated the weapon the same as the other quest weapons, not charged me plat for the privilege of engaging with the final step of the protocol quest. You don't see six days of grind for a weapon that serves a singular purpose to be ludicrous? All I'm saying is that a single trash weapon should't be bordering on mandatory to engage with end game content, just because de want to reuse assets.
  21. I sold it last year, after the protea mission was finished like any normal person would. To say 'simaris has it' is rather disingenuous as the cost to purchase and build, not to mention then level (presumably potato and forma it into usefulness) is prohibitive.
  22. The drop rate for the new lich ephemeras is really crap. I'm on my 12th sister and still no ephemera. Also matchmaking for the rj showdowm mission is horrendous. There's always a 5 minute loading screen and 2/3 of the time you just get caught in a loading loop, where crashing the game is the only way out. Any chance either/both of these are going to be fixed any time soon? Kinda losing the will to log on here.
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