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  1. Hahahaha, here we go again, im glad i no longer have this game. Just take a break fellas, it will help, a lot. I still love you DE, i'll be back when you have better system for riven & kuva. ❤️
  2. Kavat energy color still broken when playing as client Pet stasis removal when?
  3. - new index tileset still too dark - still need a lot of nitain for clan research
  4. Please fix the new index tileset, its too dark & often points get stuck/clip thru objects, makes it unable to collect, or just revert it back to the old map, its way better.
  5. Look folks, the number 1 cheater himself
  6. Just remove riven altogether, its cancer
  7. Please fix pets energy colors, some of us spent lots of plat in order to get a very specific looking pets
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