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  1. I farm Shedu solo & my ship is completely stock, just hide the ship & complete the mission with Amesha.
  2. 35p Kuva Ogris 25% toxin SOLD Kuva Ogris 28% heet Kuva Kraken 32% electro Kuva Twin Stubbas 29% toxin Kuva Seer 26% toxin Kuva Seer 27% rad Kuva Ayaya 26% toxin Kuva Chuckurr 26% heet 90p Kuva Karak 48% toxicity SOLD IGN: Gekkojo
  3. Remove the rage bar from lich & guarantee their spawn (maybe by adding a special assassination mission/node) after revealing all 3 req mods. Doing 10+ more mission even tho i got all the mods ready is painful. Converted lich need a huge buff, for comparison, i've seen my saryn specter take down a level 2 lich on her own while clearing mobs surrounding her including the thralls. On the other hand, Joedd Cohgg (my personal converted lich) requires almost 5 clips of dubba stuba trying to kill a level 35 Dahk (doggo like creature) before he vanished, & surprise surprise the doggo is still alive. There's not enough motivation for me to keep farming thralls after knowing my current lich has a lesser version of a weapon that i already have. so how about give us bonus affinity & resources for doing lich nodes/missions, starting from 10% upto 50% depending on the difficulty/lich level, make it the new alternative for ppl leveling their stuff or farming specific resources.
  4. Give us ability to remove/reroll/trade unwanted kuva liches, i dont mind spending some plat to do that. im sick of getting the same weapon over and over again and over again. As for right now, i'll stop hunting liches before i lost my sanity. also consider giving our fellow tenno who still hunting those cursed liches even tho they knew RNG is against em a new achievement to make em feels rewarded, maybe something like "no life" or "tryhard" achievement idk.
  5. How about buffing kuva ogris a little bit? Maybe adding some crit chance or raw damage, idk. Im not asking to make it as good as secura penta or zarr, we all know its a fodder weapon, but its a FUN fodder weapon.
  6. I can't even play lol, my launcher stuck at "checking for new content".
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