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  1. Give us ability to remove/reroll/trade unwanted kuva liches, i dont mind spending some plat to do that. im sick of getting the same weapon over and over again and over again. As for right now, i'll stop hunting liches before i lost my sanity. also consider giving our fellow tenno who still hunting those cursed liches even tho they knew RNG is against em a new achievement to make em feels rewarded, maybe something like "no life" or "tryhard" achievement idk.
  2. How about buffing kuva ogris a little bit? Maybe adding some crit chance or raw damage, idk. Im not asking to make it as good as secura penta or zarr, we all know its a fodder weapon, but its a FUN fodder weapon.
  3. I can't even play lol, my launcher stuck at "checking for new content".
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