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  1. This. I enjoy NOT doing RNG rolls on things. I'm a completionist but RNG strats mock that. "You got the super duper rare thing but it rolled trash. Go get a good one" We have 1% chance to get that 1 in a million god tier roll. Thats... not fun. Rivens were bad enough but tolerable.
  2. Same exact thing. I have no idea whats causing this but considering I want to MAKE credits and not be a glass cannon, at best, I'd love to see this fixed. The only thing I can add is it so far, for me, only happens when I have a free daily login credit booster. However, to be fair I only do index with the credit booster for the most part.
  3. Dear DE, I'm going to make it short and sweet and try to not rant. First lets talk about Twitch. Its very nice of DE to have teamed up with Twitch to offer in-game rewards if we sub to Twitch Prime. I mean if we were already subbed to Twitch Prime this is nothing but a win for us, right? This is great for those individuals or for those who will subscribe in the future. Next, lets talk about the in-game mails. These, as many know, typically contain a quest, in-game information, or a item, possibly from a Twitch drop. Mails are forced upon the player at the first opportunity so they don't miss important info or that they've received some item. What this means is that most people will see a in-game mail before other sources of information such as the News console. Lastly and my issue, Darvo's in-game mail simply says that you just got some free stuff you just need to collect but doesn't say that to collect you need to be actively paying, or in a trial, with Twitch Prime so very much not a free item. So Darvo sent an ad, an unskippable misleading ad, to everyone in the game likely before they see the News that vastly better explained the deal. I do not approve. Please tell me about great deals you may be having through the News Console but not through in-game unskippable misleading ad mail. Can we please keep the in-game mail for things that are solely in-game related? Thanks, A lone Tenno
  4. Ziym

    Orbiter Feedback

    When I walk into my orbiter the first thing I notice is the scratches. They gave the slider to adjust this. It goes from neglected to completely trashed. It'd make sense if we were day 1 Tenno just taking the over the orbiter for the very first time for a few missions until we could afford to get some paint. Afterwards it makes no sense. Second things I noticed are the fuse/data/expansion cards box like things.They're hanging from every major terminal minus the relic station. Couple issues with them. Why are they all filled with 2 of 3 of whatever they're supposed to be? Why are they all open? It looks like they're intended to slide up the rails and into the thing they're hanging down from and THAT part then slides into the stations themselves. Yet the handles on the fuse/data/expansion cards would prevent this from happening at all. Plus the rails themselves don't look like they've got any wires/circuits in them so whatever these boxes are supposed to do they aren't currently doing. So these boxes are more proof that we're incompetent at maintaining this orbiter. Whats WORSE about these though is that when they redesigned the pet station the closing doors clips THROUGH this thing. The pet station has all of ONE animation and nobody thought to prevent clipping? Lastly, why is it so dark? Are we supposed to be trying to hide the neglect?
  5. So I'm swapping from the oracle sigil to steel merdian sigil. When I'm done while its still swapping I'm hitting escape 3 times to go back to the frame sect screen. However, by hitting the escape key in a rapid fashion messes up how the UI displays. I end up with
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