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  1. I haven't dropped through level that much since ever. Operator is basically 'no-clip' in vaults now
  2. Pls fix the fishing softlock. I had no idea it exists and now I've been stuck for 15 minutes already with dozens of tags in the inventory and no options to get out
  3. Well, this S#&$ is not fixed yet. Just got softlocked for the first time, with 45 min of mining and hunting to lose. And now I need to wait for like an hour till I run out of energy, stealth drops and some enemy might kill me. This is not ok.
  4. I have the same thing on PC
  5. Did it with Octavia, solo 22 min. Not the best time, but quite easy mission, just boring. Her 1 beats mobs, so you dont need to bother killing to keep lamp working. I went invisible, took my zaw with gas dmg and hit Prelate with it for 20 minutes xd
  6. I sure hope that everyone who already done Derelict will also automatically get Deimos rewards. This way everybody who already did this missions won't have to re-do them for the full set just because they played too early No problem with Derelict statue not being limited time only, I just don't want all the time spent on boss fights (solo!) go to waste
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