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  1. can anyone confirm it works on the phone app? Missed two previous streams because twitch decided to just stop sending notifications. Todays stream is right at time when I'm getting home from work so I tried watching it on phone app but there's no way to monitor the progress on the phone. Got home and started stream on PC at about 34 min and my profile showed there was absolutely no progress from the app. So of course I didn't get this drop either 'cause there was not enough time left. And I'm missing tomorrow because 3am stream = not good. This is honestly annoying...
  2. That's very helpful for people watching streams from different timezones since current system requires interaction with page after stream started. I won't actually be missing stuff even if I can't watch every day.
  3. Tried leaving Twitch app open before going to sleep and nope, doesn't work for me either. It apparently starts the stream correctly because after the Home Time it jumped to the raiding stream which woke me up at 4am (I forgot to turn the volume all the way down and that streamer was really loud). But no drops at all this time either. Gonna wait for DE to explain how this new system actually works 'cause so far it seems you won't get drops if you're not living in the right timezones
  4. Got the same reply today. Somehow being promised one thing but getting another should be solved by changing the wording on the bundle I already bought. I would have at least not wasted time on unveiling the kitgun one if I knew, like I didn't touch the zaw riven. But no, they didn't even give me a chance to save it till maybe some new kitguns are added.
  5. I started watching yesterday, yes. But there were no message about drops for me yesterday so no drop, sadly. Had to literally run home from work to catch todays stream, but now at least I know what I need to look out for. Todays drop has worked for me, its not in-game yet but at least I see it on twitch That thing when twitch no longer auto-starts the stream when it's online is the reason why I stopped trying with Thursday streams. For the last few years it was fine to just leave the page open but now it's like I have to set alarm for 3am just to click on the stream window. Not worth it.
  6. I was trying to find any info so I checked official twitter just in case. And that Catchmoon riven shows that something is definitely not working correctly here PS And even if they did mix the kitgun rivens into rifle rivens a heads up would be nice because kitguns have terrible dispo and are mostly a waste of mod space. Rifle riven category really doesn't need more 'trash' added
  7. There sure were. The web page said 'Melee riven', the forum post said 'Melee riven', reddit repost got it from forum. I didn't even think to check the exact wording on the second riven on the in-game market page because official website already told me what I'm buying here. Hell, it still says 'Melee riven' everywhere but the game, it's been 16 hours and no one has bothered to fix the mistake
  8. There was a reply on twitter today where player unveiled a Catchmoon riven out of this. Catchmoon is a shotgun type so it absolutely couldn't be under a Rifle riven anyway. If these were the alert rewards I would have just assumed a bug and shrugged it off. But they sold these rivens for plat and it is not ok to misadvertise like that
  9. I have seen a lot of people complaining about getting kitgun rivens out of Rifle mod. Did anyone actually unveil proper rifle rivens out of it? 'cause I even saw someone saying they got a Catchmoon one - and it's a shotgun type kitgun, you absolutely should not be getting it from Rifle riven.
  10. I watched stream for about 10 minutes, then left it open and went to sleep ('cuz 12am on a workday is really not a good time for streams). Should be fine, Megan specifically said that you can claim drops manually later, right? I would like some clarification on that because drops were working 100% for me before and this new system just broke it. Nothing in my profile and I have no idea what I did wrong except living in a bad timezone. Account relinked last week of course.
  11. Is Melee Riven Mod supposed to be a Zaw riven mod? Also, why does the Rifle riven mod unveil into a Tombfinger one? Kitgun rivens were a separate category last time I checked
  12. Yup, not only the Rifle riven I've just opened turned out to be a Tombfinger one. But Melee is straight out limited to Zaw anyway. No way I would have bought that bundle for 'Zaw' and 'Kitgun' rivens, it's so not worth it
  13. MR30 here, I'm happy some people will be able to skip this grind-fest
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