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  1. Great fix, real QoL. Just please fix the frame lvl requirements for sortie and ESO while you are at it
  2. In February it was "Rifle riven" unveiling as Kitguns, whats going on with kitguns nowadays? At least I didn't buy this one, last time it was an outright scam, this is just wasting a bit of time on something I have absolutely no need for
  3. Yup, they did it again. Only this time Shotgun riven was actually promised on a devstream so no 'fixing the description'
  4. Oh good, Im not the only one. Got rattleguts from mine. I actually was so stunned that I forgot to take a screenshot. Thought I might have just unveiled a Kitgun riven by mistake but nope, Rattleguts is a shotgun now, I guess
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