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  1. Its better to have it and not need it, than the other way around.
  2. Die zwei sind gleich, nutzlos und jeder noob kann die erhalten. Aber das spiel will dir zeigen das auch der anfangar frame mit ein par Umbra mods was erstellen kann. Jetzt vorstale dir was man mit ein umbra Sayrn oder Nidus erstelen kann... Tank Nuker Sayrn... Heiler DPS Nidus...
  3. I guest when you knowingly exploit the bug to access game content that would give you an unfair advantage, or if you use the bug to ruin other peoples game. Whatever the case, its best to report these things rather than exploiting it.
  4. Thats the risk of creating your Litch, its what makes the Litch special and motivates you to kill it.
  5. You skipped a lot of important stuff, so now don't do any more main quests and focus on the following: Build many different weapons and frames to discover what works for you, its best to increase your Mastery rank to at leased 12, so that you can access special weapons. Start gathering that sweet focus so go Instal focus lenses on your favorite weapons (like kuva nukor) and frame (like Mag) - one that's NOT poopy MK1-Skana or Excalibur (bdw... delete those two for capacity slots) And of course don't jump the gun on burning through the main quests before you are ready. Bui
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