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  1. Well, forma aint exactly plentiful, cant afford to change aura polarity. And no all ive done since I came back to the game I farmed protea, and killed the litch I left behind. I don't think I even own a dragon key, always ran the minus health one.
  2. I do not, just made sure. I did, cool status effects changed, still doesnt explain why my crit finger suddenly struggles. I never used gas except on sentinel weapons
  3. I just returned to the game a few days ago (Have not played since the launch of railjack), and all the weapons I had that could 1 or 2 shot lvl 80-100, now struggle to even kill trash mobs of that level. I don't have any rivens, never needed them for the content I played. My opticore for example struggles to kill lvl 80 trash mobs when before what ever update changed damage it was my go to sortie weapon.
  4. I wonder what they are going to do with Grendel and Limbo's abilities. Grendel only has one option (his 1) because hist other abilities require someone to be eaten. And with limbo Cataclysm is not an option because they already said "No signatures" His 2 and 3 require enemies in the rift, so his 1 is the only viable choice, but its useless without his passive or his 4. Other notable mentions are nidus because his abilities rely on passive stacks. Gauss because his passive changes his abilities.
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