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  1. In a squad actually, You need to be put into the "dead" state. Not bleedout. It's instant on solo because there is no bleedout.
  2. Update Notes stated that Kuva Flood has guaranteed Relic drops but I didn't get a relic for my mission.
  3. That actually makes a lot of sense. I'll update the post once I've come up with something. Maybe increase the Speed a little or get rid of it entirely. Might rethink the passive completely too. I'll stick with the base idea of Storm Call. Make some changes with movement. Actually when thinking up the entire ability I had doubts about making her stationary as well.
  4. Thanks for the Advice. I gave the page a look and it's a lot clearer now. I'm really excited to play Atlas.
  5. Aegis: A frame based off of Aegis from Greek Mythology. Sometimes seen as a Shield with Medusa's head strapped on and sometimes a type of pelt. I made this up with a tank in mind, They're my favorite thing to play. It definitely could use more work and I'd be happy if anyone wants to give some advice or Criticism. Hope it's as cool as I imagined it. Stats: Armor: 200 (Maxed) Health: 750 (Maxed) Shields: 0 Energy: 225 Sprint Speed: 1.15 Passive: Gains more armor as her health reduces but loses movement speed. 100 armor for every 100 health lost. Maxes out at +400 armor and -0.30, Giving a total of 600 armor and 0.85 Sprint Speed. Abilities(Better Names Pending): Fearbringer: Aegis lets out a deafening roar of energy that inflicts fear in enemies. Causing them to run away from her and hide. Mirror Body: Aegis shines with energy, Creating a reflection of the target enemy on her. This resets enemy aggression, allowing her to pass without being attacked. Stone Gaze: The face in Aegis' chest burst with a cone of light, turning enemies in it's area to stone. Petrified enemies are permanently in that form. Storm Call: Aegis' armor splits and vibrates for the duration of the ability. Under the ability's duration, Aegis will be unable to move but a storm forms around her, that slows enemies and strikes them with Lightning. Damage taken by Aegis is converted into charges. After the ability ends, The charges are released in a large explosion. Enemies that are not killed by the explosion are blinded for 5s. Appearance: A greek inspired armored woman's body covered by snakes made of Energy that originate from a face merged in her chest. Her face is blank and covered by a helmet. The fur(?) in the helmet is made of energy and shines brighter as her armor increases.
  6. So, I managed to get Atlas Prime and am absolutely enjoying him. But, Issue is, I'm confused on how the "rubble" works with his abilities, what makes them spawn and was also looking for any tips for playing him seriously. Also, is the Arca Titron a Good weapon to use with his Landslide? Thanks guys.
  7. Guys, are Axi A6 Relics supposed to be this rare? I ran 12 rounds on Xini and not one dropped. Probably might let Atlas go for now. Thoughts?
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