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  1. ok, so do you see other players using melee?
  2. that's not what anecdotal evidence means I didn't "fail" to mention the boster because it isn't relevant my evidence is universally applicable and irrefutably proves a truth about the game: you can make 4.5k cryotic in 24 minutes
  3. sorry but this is crazy you haven't even tried the weapon out and you are complaining
  4. i don't think i had a kavat, but i did have a booster conclusion: if one wants to have a smooth ride with the helminth, and is not a very experienced player who has a lot of cryotic, one needs to buy a booster if you want to neither be a very experienced player who naturally accumulated a sizable stockpile of cryotic or use a booster, you are not deserving of the helminth edit: about the evidence being anecdotal, it is not. my evidence posted above is universally applicable, meaning that everyone can farm 4.5k cryotic in 24 minutes edit - i also got primed loot (a lot of it
  5. i'd like primed seeking fury
  6. you must compare them with exactly the same, not similar, builds
  7. why would it make sense? why is that a missed opportunity? what do you have to say to this? 24 minutes for 4500 cryotic
  8. actually i just saw rebecca's post on bile changes three more resources are added to bile, Antiserum Fragment x 900, Javlok Capacitor x 7 & Nav Coordinates x 50 this is good
  9. @TARINunit9 in general you must use hunter munitions to overcome grineer defenses on secondaries you should use carnis stinger as if it was hunter munitions (for this, the secondary must have high slash damage and reasonably good status chance) my HM-viral built primaries kill SP grineer very quickly there are weapons that work outside of viral+slash but not many now, could you provide us with one of your HM-viral builds?
  10. in the current situation, you will potentially trade some fire rate for more recoil reduction
  11. you need to play with other players, warframe is a co-op game
  12. this is good, but this exact same mechanic exists in the game already (in limited fashion however) it's just moved over to the recoil mod itself
  13. @(NSW)Kaffeebohnson you are supposed to play railjack as a crewmember on other player's railjacks, before building your own i didn't have any difficulty building my railjack and i never watched any warframe youtube videos, but just use my time to actually enjoy the game as soon as i built my railjack i bought all the sigma mk3 stuff, i had almost all the avionics and needed dirac from playing railjack as a crewmember, and i just immediately went on to grind gian point without any problem i see three problems with your approach (probably) playing solo not tacklin
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