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  1. yeah, i tried both the "all" tab and the "vehicles" tab
  2. Background: During last Baro appearance i bought Primed Morphic Transformer. Some time this week, i installed it into my Itzal, into slot 8. Yesterday i used Itzal and i think i still had this mod installed (as of yesterday). I distinctly don't remember performing any action that would make me not have this mod any more (such as selling, dissolving etc...) yesterday or any other day. I always pay attention to the prompt to confirm which mods are being dissolved. Expected behavior: Today, when i entered the "Upgrade" screen for Itzal, the mod should still be there, in slot 8 Observed behavior: Today, ~20 min before making this post, slot 8 of Itzal was empty, and the mod Primed Morphic Transformer was not in my in my mod collection (ESC > "Equipment" screen > "Mods" screen). Therefore it seems to me that the mod has disappeared. Tx for your time.
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