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  1. OOF, I started wathcing at 19:33 in my timezone, and it ends at 20:00 in my timezone, and the streamer I am watching crashed for a few minutes too, so I'll probably miss out on the palette for literally 5 minutes...
  2. Just ignore the bad drawing... Also the face beneath the colors is for a reference when I was drawing. Now some explanation about the looks: The gold is supposed to be metal-like material (accents). The blue is energy partially flowing out or shining very bright (energy). The big blank areas are divided into 2 parts: the chin (secondary) and the face (primary). Now, as Nakak mostly makes his masks on his own, this orokin inspired mask does not fit in. I have found a solution. He looked at some of the orokin artifacts with this gold and white stuff and the weird energy glow and wanted to create it himself. He has found a way to make it easier: he just forms a basic mask like normal, layers it with white and then sticks the gold on top. The glow is from other artifacts which he placed at certain areas. (This explanation is to make it possible for this mask to exist in his hands avaible for multiple people and not that there is only one of its kind. It also explains that the mask is in layers, so the gold is on top of the white with the energy put in the dents of the gold so that it is about the same "height" as the white areas. Note: this is a very basic shape mask. I know. Of course, the designers can add some more details in the golden extensions if it improves the mask, they are the experts after all. But, the glowing energy flows around the mask from all lights (and maybe some more around it) is also supposed to be clearly visible and flow up moving like smoke would do. So it would be moving around on its own and not be a static thing stuck to your mask as if solid. Mask name: Orokin Mas Mask description: “Put together from recycled Orokin parts, this mask shows both strength and nobility a tenno should have.” If anything is not clear or there are any questions just message me.
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