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  1. thank you for the hard work any word on the k-drive fixes? players cant still get tht miliseconds speed counter cuz we can't grind on the last second after doing air tricks to raise the multiplier when landing on a rail BTW is there a work around for this problem since fortuna 2.0 this has been an issue for k-drive enthusiasts? its all well and good to have content to grind for but there are times when just need to unwind and do some fun activity that we can do privately for contrast.
  2. Thats why we need to get off our asses and grind those data hashes...we cant rely on the veterans that has the mindset "I already have so many potatoes so i can't be bothered to do razorback and protect the newbs relay"
  3. any word on k-drive mechanic fixes what good are customization fixes when the damn thing is not going to be taken out to be used in the first place
  4. thank you for the hotfix...I hope someday you revisit k-drives so that you can learn what you changed since fortuna 2.0 some of us want to relax after a hard days grind by having fun
  5. not the fix i was looking for but thanks nonetheless keep up the good work
  6. dont count on it zodiac they are more concerned about my main warframes rear section than to fix even k-drives let alone start events
  7. 6 days left and it would be a month since they wrecked the k-drives and still no fix in sight who cares about the k-drive visuals on the vehicles section not appearing when the mouse hovers over it when the main aspect of the system that makes it worth doing is broken.
  8. Thank you for the hard work and Welcome to the new year DE BUT you guys still haven't fixed the k-drive grab transitions. Not to toot my own horn but i was one of the 1st logicals in ventkids and "founded" the crater rail park in the vallis i think i would know how to do grab to grind transitions on any surface but ever since fortuna 2.0 not a single tenno have done it successfully. there has been a topic about this for weeks now but why is it still not fixed. we cant gain decent standing to get the full vent kids operator fashion. FIX THIS ALREADY DAMMIT!!!
  9. Any word on fixing the landing for k-drives grab to grind transitions still throw players off their boards we cant farm decent standings to get vent rat cosmetics and new mods if we can't even get to 1k per trick this has been so since you dropped Fortuna 2.0. bit of advice Fix the systems that are already in place so that players have something to do while you scrape the bottom of the barrel for whatever broken update you people are gonna hype up in march leading to tennocon.
  10. thank you for the hard work but this is a little out on the left field for me...and if you would be so kind as to use these suggestions as contrast for optimization please remove non vox solaris related items in the PT bounties for optimization 1. make corpus with fluctus archgun a regular spawn enemy during the bounties (not just during the PT fight) for more challenge and shove the archgun atmosphere mods into said enemy. 2. Keep the 1 reward 1 bounty phase system BUT have the bounty reward scale with stages completed for easier farming. 3. relegate the rank of bounty rewards dependent on the PT Phase (Phase 1 will only have common rewards so on and so forth) so that my fellow tenno will know which phase to farm. again DE thank you for the hard work but let us also help in making this game a bit more better #welifttogether lets go beyond that and have them revamp Hok with Dual wield Zaws
  11. thank you for the hard work I await these updates with excitement and lastly DE....Take my energy 🙂
  12. thank you for the hard work and keep it up 🙂
  13. thank you for the beautiful work.....my blood queen has received more love ima see if its viable to bullet jump and charge seeking at the top and rain down bloody talons from above
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