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  1. Oh wow, that's a nice update. Pretty much doubles my pearl farming rate Thank you :)
  2. No Nekros Prime for me either. Chat is still swamped with people saying they haven't received it.
  3. More monkeying around? Finally, an update just for me! 😀
  4. Loving this already, thank you. Having to click to re-aquire foxus was always a nuisance. Two changes I'd love to see soon are for certain items (such as relics) to no longer have their descriptions hidden in the "about" rollover, and a way to sprint by default when "toggle sprint" is switched on.
  5. Something I'd really like eventually is the ability to do Ordis a solid and clean up that mess outside the infested door. He asked so nicely and even built me a private room - it's the least I could do.
  6. I like the Landing Craft -> Orbiter change - it's a tiny thing, but it had always seemed off to me because we were obviously customising the orbiter, not the landing craft What I'd love to see next is a removal of the "About" box when inspecting a relic - the information under the tooltip is what we're going there to look at so there's no point in hiding it in a tooltip when you can just display it directly. It would also be wonderful to be able to see the # owned for each reward in the reward screen directly, without having to look at all 4 different tooltips Finally, while it's nice to enable Toggle Sprint could you please add an option to have sprint default on instead of off (obviously archwing "sprint" should remain a separate thing, defaulting to off and not affecting the sprint state of your warframe when you toggle in an archwing).
  7. Hey nice, they're looking at the starter mission again. Did they ever fix the bug where if you choose to sabotage the galleon instead of extract it gives you the wrong ending?
  8. Okay, that Judicial Oculus is a must-have. Thank you
  9. Loki, Volt and Ash are the frames I was most eagerly waiting for, in that order, so this is very good news for me :) What's going into the vault this time?
  10. Thank you for the update. Is there any chance you could drastically increase the chance of the Wolf appearing? I play Warframe quite frequently, but have only encountered the Wolf 2 times in total. He's so rare that he may as well not even be in the game as it stands currently.
  11. Yay for the flickering Ceres lake being fixed!
  12. First thing I noticed while playing was the new Corpus lockers. Very snazzy.
  13. Ouch - I had earned a Mesa B2 relic in a defense mission before the update arrived. We kept playing until well after the update was finished and it was safe to end the mission, but after ending the mission successfully and restarting the game that relic disappeared. Had 3 Meso B2s, got rolled back to 2.
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