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  1. I'd imagine they are having some sort of issue, they will probably implement a patch with them soon.
  2. It's a videogame, so naturally I'm going to choose the funnest/most hilarious option.
  3. If you could provide more info on the speed difference that would be helpful. Also, everyone is downloading the update currently because it just came out and yes it is rather large, so servers could be bottlenecked.
  4. Wow this is strange. I am MR 12 but didn't get downgraded. Must be some unfortunate bug- hopefully they can revert you guys back to the exact XP you had!
  5. Please revert, we need farming in this grindfest!
  6. A lot of frames and other items aren't registering their colors.
  7. In preview it changes color but not when you apply the color. I even tested to see if the color changing was linked to the attachments option to no avail. Seems to be a pretty common bug amongst a few frames.
  8. Ahh yeah. That's an unfortunate possibility.
  9. I hate to be "that guy", but play a different game. It's called getting burned out.
  10. I can't be certain since I'm not entirely informed on your situation, but it sounds like your account may have been accessed by someone else. Do you remember giving your information away in any way?
  11. Yeah also, I don't really get the point about it "being too much work". They invest time into the voice acting anyway, time is invested into a game, it's how a game is built, ran, and managed- through time and work.
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