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  1. Attempting to use operator on the terminal will continue the quest, but soft lock the operator for the rest of the mission (you can't use the operator and if u luckily swap back to your Warframe via operator dying, you can continue the mission, but soft lock on the Tempistari when there are no enemies to kill the operator) Also fell out of bounds when returning to dock. Unfortunately, logs are gone at this point, but I do have video proof.
  2. Is there a reason why we must participate in the exterminate mission without access to the forge? I would like it if the exterminate/defense mission was like past "exterminate / assassination" Points of Interests (where an infiltration team can go in, but someone can stay behind on tactical map helping out).
  3. Horary! I don't have to worry about bugs being ignored if they are in the Trello board :)
  4. I am just watching with interest. The changes seem to be unifying so that the game is less complicated (as well as balance changes for "oh no, players learned how to mod properly" playstyles). I am worried about the plexis system, since it appears that new playes must "bring their own equipment" instead of trying out the host's equipment (im fine with "bring your own equipment" requirements for experienced players, since if one knows how to play the game, one brings their own game changing equipment. but im worried about the new player aspect) Everything else is tearful reactions, or c
  5. I saw this post earlier, but I am curious if u realized this was clarified before u made this post: crafting "flux energy" in the foundry will give everybody energy. So the meta still exists, just in a different form. You can hop off and use pizzas... but it's probably easier to get an engineer.
  6. When I said Gian Point, I situationally do mean Gian Point: a community hotspot for fast farming, (whatever that may be in the future). It's not really sarcasm, but what the community always try to say (contextualized in today's meta) :P (actually I guess I was pretending to be someone I am not, so maybe I am sarcastic?) One issue that I tried implied with your logic of exclusive rewards is that rewards are temporary for exploration. Once people got the "exclusive rewards" (whatever that may be), they will go back to the simple farming that is meta. Apologies for not being clear
  7. Got all my "exclusive rewards." Time to farm intrinsics. Back to "Gian Point" I go! 😏
  8. I love this interpretation; I wasn't thinking of what it was called when I did it. It was just the path of least resistance, especially with a novel new game mode. I dunno if you can consider mod farming and gun upgrading "afford", since the cost is so low. But with the introduction of Plexus... I can't use the host's battle avionics/tactical avionics. Do they increase Tusk Thumper spawns? I usually just zen slow them and then do big dmg w/o Necramechs.
  9. More Accessible: While I am happy with the cut back, this seems odd to me as a veteran player. I actually never got any of my railjack specific resources from the core planets: I just went straight to being a team player on someone else’s railjack. And a full railjack inventory export granted players approximately 200 of each resource: enough for my own railjack. As for time required to build the railjack, I actually didn’t play with my own railjack for a very long time since I didn’t have a fully kitted railjack. Instead, I provided Quality of Life support to someone else who had a better
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