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  1. Message me in game.. /w TheUHF Hi! I want to buy: Vengeful Shockwave Ephemera +50% Impact Tonkor for 500 platinum. I should be on for another hour or so...
  2. Are Kuva weapon damage bonuses fixed yet? What about weapon transfers? I had a 47% impact Kuva Drakgoon... and I transfered a 55% impact Kuva Drakgoon... and Impact is still lower than slash on it. I just have zero idea how this is working or if it works.
  3. Step right up ladies! This pirate is ready for Movember!
  4. OK... so I 'killed' the larvling, only he didn't die after he was transformed. He ran around afterwards shooting at me and I couldn't kill him. He robbed me as I exited the mission, THEN he was introduced to me in my lander (the usual way). I do want that pistol... so he's to hoping...
  5. What about the completely missing relics? Seriously, I've done 4 kuva flood missions with guaranteed relics, and got nothing for them. This is massively incredibly annoying, not to mention time consuming.
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