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  1. The title says it all. With the Wukong rework I decided to build a second Wukong rather than update my existing one. However my second Wukong is using the original's Iron Staff for some reason. I decided to build the second Wukong because Wukong's stats were so different, so this seems to be a pretty big glitch to me. What is the timeline for DE to fix this?
  2. All good... buuut I feel the Catchmoon fix is a mistake. its already really powerful, and its 'quirk' of not hitting when it clips the terrain made it more challenging to use. In fact I made one (high crit.. duh) with lower damage but higher fire rate so that it would be more forgiving to use in grineer hallways, etc. Catchmoon's projectile will now only collide with world geometry when the center of it hits.
  3. This update deleted the Riven that I was trying to open, and gave me a different one. Specifically It went from 'kill 8 wild animals with a fishing spear' to 'Kill 15 enemies on a drop ship alone.' Killing the first six animals cost me 1 hour of work. So... 'not thanks' from me.
  4. And Baruuk got a stealth kill, and was thrown outside the map. (Its just blackness guys... don't go into the blackness.) I used /unstuck to see the map again, but I was still stuck. I stayed getting shot, but I could not activate any abilities at all or move or even turn. I got killed but was unfortunately revived.. still stuck. Finally I died... and came back, and that fixed it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1596402611
  5. I'm not liking the graphics. Not one bit. Can we have the graphics from 6 months ago please? These days, I need sunglasses to play at night. This kind of stuff just keeps happening in game since the pre-Fortuna updates started coming out, and its driving me nuts. In this case, it cleared up when I died, which was, for obvious reasons, pretty quick. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598366443 This was blinding... Possibly seizure inducing. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1596330337
  6. One of your recent updates deleted my spear for fishing. I have no idea why, or how that happened, but its a dang nuisance.
  7. The graphics are totally borked. Its started changing my lighting settings randomly on the fly... in the game while I played. It went from just right, to dark with glints of gold. I played with a few settings to lighten it up.. but now the game is retina burning and vomitous to play. This bug HAS TO BE FIXED... Or at least let me please revert to the old game. It worked. White on white... is not actually useable. There's words there... I'm sure of it.
  8. yeah... its making me vomitously sick. This new update is a health hazard. Is there any way to configure graphics in Warframe and have them stay the same? Can any one explain that?
  9. Something is totally borked in the graphics with Chimera. Can I use the old version? This one is now randomly turning on and off high dynamic range. So... my screen will go super dark... or super bright. Playing with the settings fixes it. Then it'll happen again later on. and the game never used to do this... so you guys added a bug. I'm using Windows 7 XP Pro.. a GTX 980, and the latest Nvidia graphics driver.
  10. How about that lighting now! This is default? I hate to say it, but the game is completely bugged up for me. Its not longer usable or playable. It did the sortie by walking around and not contributing. There is no longer any indication when I'm healing anyone. I cannot configure the controls or in any way bring them to a usable state. (If I had to guess, its like the mouse acceleration might be on. I just don't know.) Everything is a bad scale, and there appears to be no way to make it useful.
  11. I also find my scale in the lander is completely different. I'm a little smaller which feels off.
  12. Its also light on light in the star chart. So... very hard to read.
  13. Can anyone please explain the new menu scale? Not only did it magically change, but its different from all my friends. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1537200641
  14. Its no longer accepting my mouse buttons. I can't configure it.
  15. What did you guys do to the UI? I'm gonna vomit. My mouse sensitivity is noxious, and all the text scales are off the charts. I get 3 lines in the mission status now.
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