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    PS4 🎮 EST. IN 2015 -  One of the most active and respected alliances on PS4 with 50+ clans(no moon tier.) What we have to offer: ▪ WEEKLY/MONTHLY ALLIANCE EVENTS. DAILY GIVEAWAYS! ▪ ALLIANCE PSN COMMUNITY FOR EVENTS, TRADING, UPCOMING INFORMATION, BUILDS ETC ▪ ✴ALLIANCE DISCORD SERVER✴ ▪DAILY EIDOLON HUNTS 👊 •°EXPERIENCED AND HELPFUL COMMUNITY°• 💥For more info about joining one of our many clans please read below or read our "Joining SoH" thread. 💥 Contact Steelergurl33 or MikeSnipez555 for more info via PSN and we can help find the right clan for you or discuss bringing your clan into our Alliance!

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    Destroy All Monsters, Moon Clan is recruiting. We have been an active clan since the launch of the PS4. We were the first clan to reach 2 million kills, and every million kill landmark after that. we were the #1 moon clan in 8 of 10 ps4 events. We also had the top cumulative kill count when the statistic was retired in favor of weekly Stats We are primarily a co-op focused clan that works together as a community, and are most concerned with having a friendly, supportive environment. Because if it isn't fun, why bother? We have favored a more open, less military style set up since day one, and have no requirements for those who join. Rules, ranks and other info can be found in our forum. You will not be asked to meet a quota of any kind. Destroy All Monsters Official PS4 Clan We have an elaborate Dojo that has been optimized to make every thing you might need easy to find and reachable We are now run by a team of seven leaders, made up of members who've been invaluable to DAM and who have shown their good nature and helpfulness over the past several months. Yes, we are named after a Godzilla film, and all of our ranks are named after different monsters appearing in past Godzilla films. Matthew Broderick and Godzilla's son are not included............................. the 7 Warlords(Gojira) of DAM: - Nordulven - Whiskey69 - A_Pack_Of_Wolfs - illwill843 - m9123066880 - ND_LandShark - fiendnix ..................FORMER warlords: MatangoMushrooms (Founding Father) SakuraWars X__x-MEGA-x__X BeastsReactionZ ..................for any other information feel free to either contact any of the leaders mentioned above, join our forum or to simply receive an invite you can also contact these: HyperInfestation

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