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  1. It took about 8-9 mins for it to regain the proper pathing and get to finish line.
  2. well, the title and image should explain everything
  3. Thanks for the tip, no need to go into Void hoping for RNGesus to bless me now.
  4. Like the title says, will farming corrupted mods be considered as farming rare mods?
  5. it has been changed to Sabotage now, didn't encounter this bug then. Though I did experience it three times before the mission type change.
  6. Um, Why is that Nezha using Khora Animation... Hmmmmm🤔
  7. I mean just look how cool my warframe is and see how bland the background is, hell even the operator less background looks better than this. With how much fashion framing is important for an endgame player, you clearly can't ignore such a vital part to flexing right?
  8. Now I know why I used to die all of a sudden out of nowhere whilst in Operator mode >.>
  9. Well, your operator isn't taken into Limbo's dimension. He/she can, however, use it to hit enemies outside the cataclysms globe. Try it. It's always been this way for me.
  10. Think positively, maybe he just likes to look at his "handsome" face.
  11. I surprisingly had a run in arbitrations where everyone could get downed and revive ourselves instead of simply dying, well we only went till Rotation B. But man was it buggy. I don't know how it got triggered, but oh well. Thought I'd report this anyways. Edit: added last mission result
  12. It would probably defeat the point of downloading via Discord tho
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