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  1. I think the community's complaints about the Nova skip vs. DE's stance on the Exploiter fight is emblematic of one of the core issues of Warframe in its current state, (in my opinion). Many players want their Warframe to feel powerful and integral to enemy encounters, but DE finds ways to nerf them and make Warframe abilities basically pointless. Basically there's no point right now in Eidolons/Profit Taker to pick anything other than standard meta frames which all involve damage mitigation and weapon buffs and nothing else, so Nova being able to contribute to the fight with a Warframe Ability (!) was a pleasant surprise. The phase 1 skip wasn't how you intended it to be done, so you fixed it, that's understandable. Though in the future, continue working hard with the knowledge that we WANT to use our Warframe abilities to overcome challenges. Please DE, we have a wonderful cast of Warframes with unique abilities, but we never get to use them on anything outside of trash mobs.
  2. I understand your complaints, but consider that DE has designed the game in such a way that it encourages you to kill as fast as possible. Energy leeches need to be killed fast. Ancient Healers need to be killed fast. Nullifiers need to be killed fast. Arbitration Drones need to be killed fast. In Survival you need to kill fast for air. In ESO you need to kill fast for efficiency. Relic farming needs to be done fast for max efficiency. There is no incentive to CC enemies and slow the game down. You often can't CC enemies at all outside of the star chart. There's a reason why so many say that killing is the best CC, because frankly it is. DE continually makes enemies where the only countermeasure is to kill them before they kill you. When the community complains that a new Warframe is weak or doesn't have enough kill power, it's because they measure it against the content we are given. Is the new Warframe viable for killing enemies really fast? Is it viable for killing bosses like Eidolons or Orb Spiders? If the answer is no, then the new Warframe is as irrelevant as Ember or Vauban; only good for star chart, and not much else. It's not the player's fault, it's DE's.
  3. Garuda's Dread Mirror seems to break when using it. It seems to not renew the timer when the Blood Orb is up. When the Blood Orb is expended, the timer works again. Look at the bottom right on the screen.
  4. This event felt scrambled together at the last minute. I liked the rewards. I liked pretty much everything on the reward table. Amalgam mods, especially the one with sprint speed was very nice. Opticor Vandal, great weapon. But sealing the fractures wasn't very engaging. After the third of fourth time it was already becoming draining, to the point where I breathed a sigh of relief when it was over. I did it over the week and finished it yesterday. The enemies in Orb Vallis just aren't that fun to fight, in my opinion. They toss you around, they get stuck and shoot at you from miles away, they ignore certain warframe abilities for no apparent reason... I'm so done with Orb Vallis at this point. I don't want to play it anymore. I'm not even gonna bother with the new boss. Hopefully Railjack will bring some new life to the game.
  5. Windows 7, I use a Dualshock 4 connected wirelessly to my physical Steam Link (not the app), and everything seems to work fine except the melee button. I can melee once to go into melee, and I can shoot my gun to change to firearms, but I can't continue meleeing. If I only have a melee weapon equipped, the melee attack button does nothing. I've reset my controller settings to default, that didn't solve it. Restarting Steam and rebooting my PC did nothing.
  6. I think one mistake you did was to make not only one, but two Elite Weeklies of the exact same type. I understand that the thought behind was to "kill two birds with one stone", but it only serves to further alienate those who don't wish to do endurance runs, or maybe don't have the capacity to do them. There's also the issue that "endurance runs" themselves aren't really an in-game thing, it's a player-made meta thing that people do for novelty's sake. The enemies get harder but the rewards stay the same. As long as it stays this way it feels hard to justify one hour long quests.
  7. Expanding on the Rip Line ideas, since Steve mentioned that "Juggling" enemies will eventually be introduced in one of the later melee updates. Doesn't it make perfect sense to integrate Rip Line into that? Jump in the air, Rip Line an enemy, and then wail on them in the air, Devil May Cry style.
  8. Hiding stats behind hover seems really unintuitive in my opinion. 3/4 of the screen isn't even being used. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to see a simple information. It's going to make creating builds a real hassle if I have to go to this menu and hover over each and every ability, and not be able to compare them to each other in a direct way. I really hope this doesn't see the light of day.
  9. I love Valkyr. The way she looks, sounds, etc. But I think she feels outdated in some areas, and I would like to share my ideas on how to improve her kit. 1. Rip Line. Ok, first complaint: it feels too slow. Bullet jumping is fast and combining it with Rip Line kills your momentum too much. Make it less floaty? Make it faster and update her static animations while swinging. Look at Sekiro's grappling hook for inspiration on how to make it more visually pleasing. Also, make it so when used on an enemy they don't fly to the moon, instead it functions as a "Get over here!" Mortal Kombat move, pulling them towards you and opening them up for finishers. Or maybe you pull yourself to them? 2. Warcry. Leave it as is. 3. Paralysis. I never use this ability. Maybe store damage based on number of melee kills, which you can then release? Would be cool to literally scream a whole group to death. 4. Hysteria. Speed up the activation to instant, in my opinion. The animation is fine, just make Valkyr invulnerable immediately upon pressing 4. That's it really. Let me know what you think.
  10. How can you conclude he is terrible if you can't even level him to 30 and make the effort to mod him properly? Your Revenant is not even above level 10, OF COURSE he's gonna be S#&$. It's like heating microwave meal for 10 seconds and then complain it's not hot enough. I can understand if a Warframe isn't to your taste or you don't like the mechanics or something like that, but to conclude he is bad when you don't even bother to mod him properly just makes you look foolish.
  11. I personally think the enemies on Orb Vallis are way overtuned. They are level 40+ but act like 80+. I don't even do bounties anymore, I'm so sick of the enemies. Most enemies use AOE, have tons of health, use homing attacks you can't dodge, and knock you around like a ping pong ball. Also they fire at you from a god damn mile away, which is doubly annoying on excavator bounties. I mean, yeah it's challenging, but it's not fun at all.
  12. Aww, I wanted Valkyr Mithra and Leonesse. :< There's always next round, I guess. Also wasn't there a Mesa skin too? I don't see it in the post.
  13. Can Titania get some way to regain Razorflies in case they die, while still remaining in Razorwing? I know they heal when you deal damage, but they have so little health that it becomes redundant at certain high levels. That would be a great QOL for her.
  14. DE, can you make the turrets not target her while in the Plains? It's incredibly annoying when just get one-shot out of nowhere.
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