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  1. I haven't gotten a single drop today after I got a bunch yesterday, but I'm still missing two unique cards...
  2. so I still get stuck when I use the fishing spear. Had to abort so many times now 😕
  3. still getting stuck using the fishing spear and can't move and have to be forced to abort. =_=
  4. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Fishing is completely glitched for me. I can use the spear once or twice before I get completely stuck and can't move, use abilities, or do anything at all. Also when I fish I never get the pop up screen showing my catch, just get the fish parts in my inventory. VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/zCs6d9C REPRODUCTION: I go to a body of water, take out the fishing spear, catch a couple fish, then I get stuck. EXPECTED RESULT: OBSERVED RESULT: REPRODUCTION RATE: Has happened every single time I try to fish.
  5. I can't fish. Everytime I pull out a fishing spear, I can use it once and when it comes back I get stuck in place. Can't use operator, /unstuck doesn't work, nothing works and I'm forced to abort the mission.
  6. Please don't force fishing and conservation on me to rank up. Fortuna was was fine, just let me get rep from the bounties PLEASE....
  7. Can we get a pack of the cosmetics without the plat? 1200 costs so much and just inflates it for people who want the armor and ephemera etc... This should have just been one of the bundles ingame like we used to get.
  8. Thanks, so I wasted my time farming up frames like Nidus again for nothing if you are just going to butcher and nerf the abilities anyway. What's even the point of this system then? 😕
  9. Thank you DE, this update looks amazing, and it's honestly going to make the game a whole lot more fun. Can't wait to add different skills to my frames.This is the most interesting thing I've seen in a while. Really glad with the skill selection, figured it was mostly going to be the skills on frames no one uses, but looking forward to using stuff like Molt on some of my squishier frames.
  10. Still no fix for the water gun Feels impossible to aim, and it's not fun when you get all your kills stolen by "team mates" anyway.
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