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  1. If you want to include liches in nightwave, scrap requiem relics, thanks.
  2. Why is venari being able to heal an OPlink/defense target an exploit? Guess soon we just won't be able to heal any kind of defense target at all. Why call nerfs "exploits" trying to mask that they are nerfs, it's super transparent what you are doing. Like the loot frame abilities working together "exploits"... anything you don't like is an exploit now I guess. 😕 Also why is this one thing with venari such a big issue compared to how bad the bonus system it, how awful it it to get stuck at 99/100 murex chased away after three hours and getting nothing? Or being robbed of the bonus anyway because you end up joining a flotilla like an hour in progress and it's already almost done. This timegating is just frustrating to deal with. Scrap the bonus system and triple the credit rewards from the regular missions, so you don't have people feeling forced to mad rush to 5k the instant a new wave starts.
  3. Shouldn't unlocking the rank 3 emblem unlock the lower rank ones? Got a rank 3 Murex and Condrix emblem but don't have the rank two emblems. Do I really need to get a lower amount of points, thus a lower bonus reward just for the emblems?
  4. Make it easier for ground teams to reach 5k points... It's so much easier in the space missions it's not fair
  5. Why can't I join a random squad in railjack mission? I really don't want to subject people to my crummy ship.
  6. What's with these prices and how few points you get? Come on...
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