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  1. Taveuni is the KUVA SURVIVAL mission though????
  2. Why though... You get the part once, twice in the case of helminth, then it's just another dead drop polluting the loot table.
  3. banshee FINALLY has a use in this game, let her have this one niche.
  4. Honestly I wish they would unvault more than two frames at a time, or unvault them more often. It's hell waiting for missing accessories. It's just going to get worse as more frames get vaulted. Nyx and Rhino have been unvaulted like 3 times since I started playing, so I'm sure Nekros will get unvaulted again at some point? I hope.
  5. Galvanized Aptitude still broken on the Bramma, Ogris and Proboscis Cernos... Also please buff the Ambassador, it's too cool looking to be MR fodder Also if you are bringing back old stuff with Nightwaves please include the Cetus Wisp decoration
  6. Add the cetus wisp decoration as a reward please. Also please don't bother making any more story tie-ins. Just make it a battle pass type thing.
  7. Did you read the OP? You will get them. I got them just now on PC.
  8. Seriously THIS!!!! I was thinking of buying the $40 pack at some point, but not if it does not include the decoration. Paying $40 and then another 565 on top of that ONLY to get the deco is just insulting. It's like they looked at the Baruuk and Lavos bundle decorations and decided to one-up how bad that was.
  9. Is it intentional that you did not include the Waverider Heart decoration in the $40 paid supporter pack? People would need to buy the 595 Plat Collection on top of that just to get the decoration????? The $40 supporter pack already includes everything the 595 Plat bundle has (except the decoration and the irrelevant boosters). That's not very fair at all if it's intentional.
  10. Can you stop with this "On Kill" nonsense? Thanks. Also not happy about being forced back into Arbitrations. At least make the Vitus Essence drop more :/
  11. Bring back the cetus wisp decoration please :(
  12. So will you add extra mod capacity to primaries/secondaries that aren't Kuva/Corpus Lich variants? No??? Why do you need to keep making such high cost mods? Hard enough to fit stuff into builds already. At least make reload mods exilus mods.
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