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  1. Any chance that the sound of the Vulkar/Vulkar wraith could be toned down a little bit. Personally i can't use the weapon because it has such an agressive sound when you fire it. A similar issue with the Shedu, but to a lesser extent.
  2. How about a Trinity Prime unvault? She has been in the vault for over 2 years now, along with Dual Kamas Prime and that Kubrow Collar. Twitch Prime doesnt count as a unvault, not everyone has access to that, and its only free for the first time. And even then, we got Nekros Prime as a drop from Tennocon 2019, when Trinity got removed from Twitch Prime quite a while earlier.
  3. Quite a while ago there was some talk about making some of the older Primes evergreen's. Is that still something you are looking in to or was that dropped? Because we're only gonna get more Primes to be unvaulted, eventually there just simply won't be time for all of them.
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