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  1. In the video you can clearly see that the shield is down but I still get 0's on the limb with my weapon.
  2. So. Here we are. May 1st 2021. Exactly 1 year after Update 27.4 which introduced this bug. I'm not sure how this is still not fixed. This is a major issue for anyone doing Eidolons, from your new player to your veteran with thousands of hydrolyst captures under their belt. How on earth is a new player supposed to charge lures during the heal phase when the vomvalysts don't even get close to the eidolon. You have to actively search them out, sometimes in rather obscure locations that no new player would know. And on the higher levels of play, you still have to search them out, bec
  3. Just watch the top right corner for the void strike buff.
  4. To recreate: Load in to sim, place mote to confirm you can tp to it. (not required) Go in to arsenal and in to the modding screen of your frame or any of your weapons. Exit arsenal. Place mote and check if you can teleport to it.
  5. I always read the patchnotes. And I do eidolon hunts basically every day, so I know if they actually fixed it or not.
  6. Give players a button they can press at extraction, to instantly extract. If the host of the session presses that button, there will be a 10-15 second non gameplay intrusive option for other players to chose to extract as well or to continue playing.
  7. Fun is subjective. Someone might find playing offmeta frames and weapons fun. Someone else will enjoy exploring all the hidden stuff in missions. Other people enjoy the minmaxing of the modding system. Other people get their fun from speedrunning missions.
  8. There is no reason I should be getting 0's with my rubico when shooting this limb.
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