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  1. Remember the Saturn Six Prison that got removed from Saturn Proxima (railjack) shortly after release, with 0 explanation? ..... Do I even have to say more? C'mon DE, do something with that thing.
  2. That guide is seriously outdated by now. Chroma hasn't been main DPS for over a year now, Mesa boosting amp dmg had been fixed for like 2 years. Wisp as replacement for Trinity is not mentioned anywhere. Self Damage is no longer a thing. 227 amp has become obsolete with the self damage/falloff changes, No mention at all of 177 amp which is the most used now. (And more 6x3 level stuff, but i'm aware the guide isnt meant for that) As for the actual question asked. While i just said 227 is obsolete, a 123 amp is still the best option if you don't
  3. Despite Hotfix 29.6.6 claiming it to be fixed, as of Hotfix 29.6.7 it is still an issue. https://youtu.be/tLLHvbWqyzE
  4. Needless to say, don't watch the video if you get irritated easily by flickering lights. I have no idea what is causing this. First time I've seen it, and it only seems to be in this specific area and only when looking towards that hill/cave. The last time I was in that camp was before Deimos Arcana, and i did not notice anything out of order. I'm guessing something in that update messed it up. Graphics settings:
  5. Amp used was a Raplak Prism, Propa Scaffhold and Certus Brace. 300k dmg on limb instantly killed the limb and the eidolon, probably due to overkill damage or something. This will always result in a Kill, never a Capture, even if you have 2 (For Teralyst) or 3 Lures charged
  6. This bug being fixed. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1195893-arcanes-stop-working-after-exiting-archwing No joke, this is the single best thing DE has done this year which has affected me personally. Besides that, probably Warframe Revised. Please give us more of that instead of "new content" which gets sucked dry within hours of release.
  7. I knew someone that used to trade dojo's. He didn't get banned back when he did it, but I'd still not test my luck.
  8. I'm gonna assume you mean Fluctus? If so, that's intended. Fluctus is supposed to have infinite punchthrough, just like Zenith.
  9. Zetki parts drop from Elite Outriders, Exo being the version that spawns in the veil proxima. They do not spawn in lower level missions, you need to do the higher level ones. Gian Point is to low level for them to spawn.
  10. Opticor. Having to charge a weapon for a full second just to fire it once doesn't make sense. Specially when that weapon isn't even that powerful. Snipers are all way more powerful, and a lot more user friendly. Leave Opticor Vandal tho, because it's actually a somewhat decent weapon.
  11. Since we no longer have Nightmare Alerts, this no longer applies.
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