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  1. Im having the same issue lately right after i type in my password and log in the screen closes and it exits the game
  2. Brokenwarframe ability's idea Passive: after taking 90% damage you will glitch out making your warframe take no damage for 5 seconds. 2. Ability: you punch your fist into a glitch in space in the ground making a enlarged dismembered fist come out the other end flying in front of you damaging all in its path, you then can interact with it if you are quick and ride it like a K drive until out of energy 3.ability: after activating a timer will count down, timer is based on duration, takeing damage will increase your energy pool total by 10% of the damage energy pool will revert to normal once you hit your original cap, wile taking no damage or little damage by the time the timer runs out will increase your hp pool based on power str. 4. Ability aka the mangle: pressing 4 when looking at enemy will make you throw a dismembered hand to steal there weapon holding it in void space the number of weapons you can steal is capped by your range, holding 4 will fire all the weapons you have collected in a aoe around you for a duration or until clips empty resetting the total weapons you have collected.
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