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  1. Hello. I have problem with sound, they gone when open navigation map. I have external audio cart and when i restart my audio card or change default audio device in audio setting sound return. I try turn off some setting in audio option and found, that when i turn of my voice option sound work fine and dont disapear when i open navigation map. Then when i check my windows audio option i found out than my setting for default mic wrong and than cause sound bug in game, soo step fro reproduce will be somthing like this. 1 open windows audio setting 2.Go to tab recorting and change working mic to another input that dont have active connected diveces. 3, Open game and try open navigation map 4, Observe that sound gone. 5 Go to audio option and try change default audio device or try t restart default audio device 6 sound must return. My is windows 10 my external audio cart focusrite 2i2 rev1 my mic from web cam logitec c510 I unplug all my devices from pc and plugin in diffrent order, after this window lost default setting for mic and set default from web cam mic to output from audio cart, after this game have bug with dissapearing sound in addtitonal sound disaabear only when i open navigation map. when i try spawm pause menu sound or just constanly jumnping on orbiter bug dont reproduced, and when i try open navigation map sound disapear after opening navigation map on "connection to session " text.
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