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  1. Hi, ty More farm why not ! change nothing for me it's good ! ( possible to squad with my boiz in endgame )
  2. Hi Ty, When can we got a buff of Volnus prime, Astilla prime?
  3. Hi, ty Can we get an up on Astilla prime and Volnus prime, the normals versions are better if u have an ok tier riven? like x2 in multiplier crit or more base damage. For me, it's not normal and not funny to play them because there are more weapons that are much stronger without riven!
  4. Ty but is it normal than Volnus and Astilla are better than the normale version with riven? ( because ridiculous up )
  5. Ridiculous the up Volnus to Volnus prime and Astilla to Astilla prime ... u take a "ok tier" riven and the normale version is better ! Logic
  6. Hi, ty Is it possible to get a Disruption in T4 Void missions ? bc i think than it's a sad that the best endgame mission ( for me ) isn't available in the Void
  7. Ty for Grendel and Baruuk owo but can u fixe the clipping on the tenno ? https://imgur.com/bmizn3h ( it's normal) https://imgur.com/XGoAStP https://imgur.com/ZLkWf4z Have a good day
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