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  1. Precursor1997

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9

    Developers, are you going to tell us about the strange crash known as : Illegal instruction ? which cause people have a weird crash at loading screen to login. The game can complete the loading if it stay hidden under the desktop but if it show up it auto terminate the game. It's have been since fortuna update so any thing you can say about it ? If you will let it be like Host migration or Jordas golem intro scene bugs just say a word so we can know.
  2. Precursor1997

    crash after fortuna update

    maybe they want to complete their final issues repair before fix other entry bug. So better come back next year, maybe, if that they do fix the bug.
  3. Precursor1997

    Downed NPCs walking about or sliding across the floor.

    Since FOrtuna update a weirdest bug appear and prevented me and some other play the game. But this bug still exist ??? If I'm not mistake it surely happened during Chimera update, maybe since Chroma Prime release patch or Mask of revenant. And you can use your Operator or warframe to block their direction, use it cause atleast it will trap them in most scenarios.
  4. Why are the developers open the primed vault when their ... Fortuna look like in alpha phase ? Serial bugs and issues are happening but worst of all, the problems with : Player can enter the game ! not getting piority fix. Even the login, password verify .... No respond etheir.
  5. Precursor1997

    Fortuna Update seems different ?

    Profits is meaningless, change is important. Good new mean improve, bad new mean worse than present. And I'm seeing this game like another Echo of Soul.
  6. Precursor1997

    Fortuna loading screen crash

    same problem, if it because : Illegal instruction relate to game rules unidentified made this sh*t up, I would say this bug wasn't need 1 week to fix.
  7. Precursor1997

    Fortuna update still crashing 70% on first loading screen

    Same problem, I doubting because it's host_os=W7, yet still a weird bug since my report crash mostly is empty or illegal instruction reason... Also one weird thing is if you let the game load without let it appear on the screen by hide it, it does process to login screen but when you check on it, NULL. I can even hear the login song
  8. Precursor1997

    Radiant sorties

    only 6k kuva for 1 sortie so maybe 300 void trace max for sortie reward list.
  9. Precursor1997

    Bug: Whole thing crashes midway through the loading screen.

    Can you guys paste the crash report ? it's in App Data - Local - Warframe - Crashes It will list you guys the reason of crash, remember to make sure your Folder Option is Show hidden files, folders.
  10. Precursor1997

    after update crash , 5h days already

    Same sh*t, btw no Rz Chr DSK. Same crash since fortuna. Same no mention from developers. There are 3 crash report type of mine since F*cktuna due to this - Description - Notepad : Empty - Description - Notepad : Build label: WarframePublic 2018. Retail Windows x64 Crash type: Crash Crash reason: Illegal Instruction Crashing thread id: 103c CPU_VENDOR=Intel, CPU_CORES=DUAL-HT, HOST_PLATFORM=x64, HOST_OS=W7 - This folder is empty. They were from App Data report ( Hidden files ) So illegal instruction ?
  11. Precursor1997

    Fortuna loading screen crash

    for all people who have this issue since fortuna, some have got solved with RzChroma dsk the rest fixed or not they still can't get clear on it but junks files or clean reinstall things must have been the last thing we thought when it come up before we get on the forum for this, WOW.
  12. Precursor1997

    Can you solo sorties with any weapon?

    Still depend only. If it's elemental or physical enhance boss match then even your skills can't save you from 1 ... touch . ( except The sergeant, weirdest boss were ever made )
  13. Precursor1997

    a new take on the War heavy blade

    That's look fine but it's not gonna be like that, Because it's a heavy weapon and heavy weapon can only 1 main dmg type, your stat change make it more like dual broken WAR
  14. Precursor1997

    Fortuna loading screen crash

    An issue make player can't even enter the game is not piority mark ? Who's among the Developers actually know this supposed to get fix 1st ? They literally turned their update opposite to their word : Fortuna. Better yet did they actually tested this update before initiate it ? Did this situation crash with totally fine updated launcher happened before ?
  15. Precursor1997

    Make Stalker less of a Dread dispenser joke and more of this...

    A simple solution and the right one supposed to be is not so hard to come up. I find Stalker is an extraordinary element that make the game even more special but Stalker is indeed very easy to beat for players have times in anyway. So what they should do about Stalker is : - Make him harder everytime he failed his incursion to the marked like increase a portion of his HP, his action speed ( Limited enhance ofc ) - Make his drop chance rate increase as his difficulty. ( And can't they just add War's part to his drop list ? just Dread most of the time is unfair for low strength player can beat him ) Also they should made a limitation to Operator transference static for High MR, many people have so high rank but they just reliable on their operator to beat stalker so weird.