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  1. Precursor1997

    Arbitration Defence

    1st they made Endo are rare to find but then player found a way to farm endo, now they make this so they can say your time is worth with thousands of ENDO. So don't expect they will have comment for this...... or a little concern. And we all know why they made it like this.
  2. Precursor1997

    Add bots in conclave

    Bot for conclave, Game developers perhaps was not success in creating one due to the complex, and since the interesting in this PvP have been lack of people so maybe they still making it but need more time or they quit it. But then it should have been done long time ago. Would be so foolish if they just thought about it now.
  3. Precursor1997

    Conclave -!-

    Tried Conclave, was about to practice to it then I see why it's .... quite emty. Obviously some weapon surely don't have their role on it. And with some other elementals. 1st I thought conclave don't have much people play it because it hard, then after finish all PvE chart properly I can see not because it hard in playway of the movement, but because the flaws in weapons re-design in conclave.
  4. Precursor1997

    Elite Alerts - new drones are terrible

    Agreed with the topic, good idea with terrible execute. Drone stuck can happen. Drone surrounded by Ancients and Nullifier. These are the seriiously problems and since melee on Chimera update have been no longer immune to CC and you barely get the proper mod for your trying.
  5. Precursor1997

    Drop rotation at Exta on Ceres

    Was looking for Miter Handle, played the mission like 40 times.... SERIOUSLY. Other RNG at the rest of other missions I have no comment yet even Cetus's bounty All the other except for THIS. This is is another badly design. Because except for frost parts EXTA drop 6 different parts .... And I don't want to do it 60 times to see if it get me the 1 single part . FIX IT.
  6. Precursor1997

    The very simple reason I'm disappointed with Arbitrations

    Like Bruce Lee said : I don't fear who can do 10000 diffirent type of punches, I fear who did 1 type of punch 10000 times. MR some time is not Mastery Rank, is more like Morron Rank - Mindless Rank - Mugging Rank.
  7. Precursor1997

    Elite Alert Party

    yes about the chart I haven't thought of it yet, might be. But as I said no host switching or delay loading mean not the connection issues. And at loading screen if they have connection issue that would happen but in the case, their logo not even appear at loading, none of them. And I was just another host of the random game.
  8. Precursor1997

    Elite Alert Party

    Arbitertration Alert, can you form a specified party with your members or not ? because once I made a party for it and all other 3 get kicked out except me( the host ), no host switching no delay loading .
  9. Precursor1997

    Randomly dead in new Elite Alert gamemode

    Not even mention rare mod reward too not worth. Random team ? stay long and all they get is ENDO ? They messed up in more than 2 ways.
  10. Precursor1997

    The very simple reason I'm disappointed with Arbitrations

    Why you so eager about a Mode that actually require your skill and brain ? Luckly they didn't even WANT YOU TO SOLO EVERY mission on the chart which it suppose to be. Many MR above 12 join in the Alert and DIE DIE DIE, god even MR 20 above. I don't get why DE made so many revivals on other missions so now the Alert I join kept f*ck up. And please 1 hour per new alert cycle ? You can have that but for a good alert to save time will need to have more waiting time. They just join and die .... or extract when almost at Rotation C, super $&*&*#(%&s with MR 15 ABOVE.
  11. Precursor1997

    about the new melee sounds...

    Sound will be a least of the concern, right now they make bug and nerf weapons .... and it's illogic way.
  12. Precursor1997

    Heavy weapon no longer immune to CC ?

    If they make heavy weapon no longer Immune to CC I would say bad idea, terrible. When you perform a strike with heavy melee, you are nearly immune to CC excep for some special case like broken glass on space ship. ( Before Chimera update ) But now I did not happen and more and if it was intentionally make so I would say a bad idea. Cause there is reason it call heavy, it slow atk and because it HEAVY that's why it should help you immune to casual CC to be more logically. Now not anymore . And why they make melee have a little screen shake now ? anoying to me, why don't they fix melee's version ? seriously anoying when you can only aim your melee in direction but not the height angle. ( Except for block )
  13. Precursor1997

    Unable to activate melee channel while sprinting

    Confirm. Also why melee have [Life Strike] don't have corruption buff ? Still use same 12 energy, or am I missing something else ?
  14. Precursor1997

    Not just about the Chimera update !!!

    - I think the only reason Sortie should exist because it have free booster chance with Riven, other wise this Arbitertration will hanle ENDO. As commonly furious when see your reward is ... 1x forma ? exilus ? orokin enhancer ? - As a tourist player I haven't use cash for the game, I would play it properly myself and I'm totally enjoy it before " The Sacrifice " update. It's not about game making more stories but it's about the change like appearances : pannel items, shows ect also at the login screen was totally unnecessary. - Don't know what to say about these flaws but ENDO not suppose to be that easy to find, and so quite the Credit Arenas. No more fund in running around the map hunting treasures ..... Make game better guys and improve it, not unrequireble BAD NEW. Really miss the view of the ship, the music, the planet, image of the conflicts and faction. That's more like the game. Perhaps it showed that the game is now at facing Tenno's insight challenges, and the factions are stepping aside but whole view would be better than a warframe standing with a weird song.... - Back to Chimera, good idea but what is the thing with Heavy weapon can't stop CC while striking anymore ? I played infested survival and I have to say super anoying illogical. Even if heavy weapon can't stop CC only for the Arbiter Alert it still a terrible idea. Heavy weapon strike are slow because they ... HEAVY, that is the very reason when it striking it should immune to CC, but ofc some special CC like broken space glass are not include. - Arbiter's drone can have buff from ancient healer .... And what with the shaking screen a little bit when use melee combos ? Hell the melee can only be aim in direction you pointed but the angle is not changing except you in blocking position. I can't even use channeling when I use Clearving Whirlwind spin move. ( Which did not happen before Chimera update ) Prety sure DE, Admin GM not reading all of this so .... WHY is every games going on a same damn path ? They should play their own game with a little passion so they may know what's wrong. ( Go solo ) I'm played all the way to sortie without anyone's help, I don't watch....walkthrough. I'm just myself cracked clean passageway in all spy rescue, challenges in every sections and territory. Awesome fun And you can do things without powerful warframe or weapons, even beat Shadow Stalker at MRank 4 without such mod like blood rush or primed and wih melee only .... Find it out while you can because that's the real way to play, not join multiplayer let the dice decide, not slamming your face and run along like a f*cking marathon to prove who fastest and ignore all things around. Or afk and say FARM FARM FARM all the time.