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  1. I've been waiting for the door to Cetus to open for 10 minutes straight and it absolutely refuses to budge. I WANT MY STANDING FOR PLAGUE STAR DAMMIT!
  2. My login problems were fixed already, but I appreciate the suggestion anyway
  3. I can't login to the game anymore courtesy of this hotfix
  4. There are Essence Carriers in the Derelict... *confused Tenno noises*
  5. Serious question, are you guys considering giving each of the destroyed relays a new look? If that's the case, will the currently functioning relays be given a makeover? And what's the deal with this Zylok weapon that popped up in the Codex, is that gonna be our reward for this?
  6. So this is what the update has done to Warframe so far: -All my codex scans are gone so I can't use the Simulacrum for testing anymore. -Takes 10 seconds to create and delete a session. -I've literally failed to check a player's profile twice. -I did a ten wave run on Hydron and I didn't get any XP, resources, or nothing from it. I'm sure there's some more issues people have been having but I haven't run into them yet. I know you guys wanted to fix Frame Fighter, but you kinda destroyed the rest of the game for it.
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