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  1. Yes, you have to do those missions to get the "code" to access the derelict. Edit: For instance, currently one in both Mars and Pluto's orbit.
  2. The Emissary Derelicts are on PS4. Check for Infested Outbreak, you'll see the derelict near the planet.
  3. Gonna be noob here, but how do we defeat the specters if we already completed the quest?
  4. I'm glad to see that DE is finally admitting that was indeed an issue with the Twitch drops vs the initial "all drops have been distributed to eligible accounts" statement. The post seems a bit condescending though, bragging about how gave over 600,000 free items. Like that excuses how players were treated regarding this situation. What this should show DE is they had over 600,000 fans tuning in to support this game. So maybe in the future DE will keep that in mind before dismissing player's concerns. In the future maybe DE will have their support tell customers they are investigation the issue instead of dismissing them. That being said, the level of trust I have with DE has been eroded. I doubt I will support Warframe on the same level I did before. We'll see Monday if they do indeed make good on their promise to FINALLY deliver Nekros Prime. But there is a portion of the fan base that also didn't get the Lotus Ephemera and some that received neither drop. Hopefully DE will also work to address these players too and get them the items they earned.
  5. Here is a question: Since the Fortuna update on console (and probably on PC too, dunno) the color mapping of the Manduka leggings were changed making it one solid color. Frankly, now look like ugly sweatpants. Does DE plan to address the changes made to operator fashion and hopefully try to get the color mapping back to how it was originally on the Manduka leggings?
  6. I watched the whole stream also but didn't receive the drop. Oh well.
  7. Can we have the ability to join multiple Dojos please. I mean it only really requires us being able to hold multiple keys, right?
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