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  1. Here is a question: Since the Fortuna update on console (and probably on PC too, dunno) the color mapping of the Manduka leggings were changed making it one solid color. Frankly, now look like ugly sweatpants. Does DE plan to address the changes made to operator fashion and hopefully try to get the color mapping back to how it was originally on the Manduka leggings?
  2. I watched the whole stream also but didn't receive the drop. Oh well.
  3. Can we have the ability to join multiple Dojos please. I mean it only really requires us being able to hold multiple keys, right?
  4. So is the Archwing Launcher Segment still needed to build the Archwing Launcher for the first time?
  5. So will we still need to buy the Archwing Launcher Segment to build the Archwing Launcher for the first time?
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