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  1. Well, I really enjoy Warframe; I log in nearly every day especially when Nightwave is active so I don't miss out on the rewards. It's also one of the most generous "Battlepass" systems out there and maxing out (and going above max for extra credits) is so easy it really takes the FOMO out of it. How the game is structured makes something to grind for always on the menu so it's pretty much baked in at this point. With that said, however, "the grind" is always there for something for me it's something I don't really worry about when playing. It's there for at least one thing on my list of th
  2. @(PSN)goonie4goodthere's no need to avoid playing with a team. I'm on a PS4 slim with 15 Mbs Internet and missions run really well. I thought the particle effects were going to be a nightmare too, but they're not. I've not hit a laggy patch yet. The only "problematic" situation I've been in was someone running a white effects build and it was a bit harsh on the eyes but didn't affect my ability to play. If you get lonely you'll be fine if you decide to go the PUG route.
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