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  1. The "many" bugs are being fixed as you can see by the multiple hotfixes and I'm sure more are to come. OP? The most OP thing in this game is us. By a long shot. Git Gud, have fun, and enjoy an actual challenge.
  2. I figured that something definitive happened in Silver Grove. Haven't done that quest yet as I just haven't taken the time to go scan all the leafy things. Oh wow, I didn't know that there was a larger ship... I wonder how that will play into Rail Jack. And fair point on the Oro. A derivative conclusion but a solid one none-the-less. If you have a moment to take a look at the application I submitted, I've got more story I could put into the bio but I wasn't sure if you wanted a detailed page or two as an overview or like the character's life story. Regardless, would love some feedback on how I can improve it either way. Thanks.
  3. I've submitted an application. I forgot to list my characters focus school which is Zenurik. I would also like to mention that I disagree with some of the feedback on the quiz. "Transference possible by non-Tenno" I haven't done the silver grove yet as I keep getting distracted with other things. However, we can't be sure that Ballas was using Transference to speak to Umbra. That could have been a totally different ability or something involved with the warframe creation process. Based on what we see in the cenimatics for being dropped off on planets or docking at a relay, your Orbiter is your Landing Craft. It's two words for the same thing. I forgot that Yuvan referred to the vessel used in continuity, oops. No idea what I was thinking with the bursa I missed the check all that apply, however the third item for use of an Oro. We don't know for sure if the Oro is involved in continuity at all. It can be implied for sure due to the "resurrection" properties of Oro, but when the Oro causes you to return you don't need a new vessel to do so. If that came across as argumentative, I did not mean it as such. Just wanted to give some feedback on some of the questions stated answers. Thanks
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