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  1. So I'm gonna say it again FIX GARUDA'S HANDS CLIPPING THROUGH HER CLAWS IN ARSENAL. PLEASE. IT'S BLATANT! I love youguys, this is in no way angry, I just want you to notice this please it's AWFUL. I've seen Steve lose it over less than that on DEVSTREAMS so please please please. NOTICE ME! FIX ME! GARUDA'S HANDS IN THE ARSENAL! LOOK AT IT!
  2. Since you released Fortuna, DARK SPLIT SWORD is broken: Usually, it has 10% crit chance and a 2x multiplier if you use it as a heavy blade, but it changed to 25% and 2.5x when you equipped dual sword mods. THAT IS GONE!!!!! Now all the work I've put into this monster is useless.
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