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  1. Then apparently no pilot I've ever gunned for has ever used them, because this is news to me. I've never seen anyone stop charging when I dodged before either.
  2. Vector Maneuever doesn't just dodge the missiles though, it breaks the target locks. I use a shield based RJ build with a Levan reactor so I can cram in all more speed and damage avionics. Crewship missiles are the only thing that can even dent my shields let alone take them down, and they can do that quite quickly without breaking the target locks. If I could break the locks once every 3 seconds, with no limit on the boost bar, my railjack would likely never be in any danger from anything ever again. Also, forward shunts only would play hell with anyone trying to actually aim the tunguska can
  3. Because spending time in a mission solely to level a weapon is a waste of time when I can fit most of a build in right off the bat, and just use it in actual missions. Hydron and ESO are complete wastes of time once you have 56 base capacity on a fresh weapon, unless you actively need loot from them. Which I haven't, for quite a while. Also, Weapons only level faster from shared affinity if it's the only weapon equipped.
  4. You can do basically any build you'd use Umbra Forma to do with more regular forma, so that's pretty much just a quality of life improvement as well. We have no idea how powerful the boosters will be yet, and they'll be available to other players anyway. Boosters are already QoL things anyway, there is nothing you can do with a booster that you can't do without one. Higher minimum capacity however, means less time spent specifically leveling weapons to fill out a build. You just grab the weapon out of the foundry, slap in a potato, and do whatever you would do if you didn't have a new wea
  5. They already buffed the crap out of base Railjack movespeed at the cost of lowered boost speed and time. The boost bar also serves as a limit to how often you can use "dodges" to break enemy target locks. I feel like this one is more than fine as is right now. As far as Necramechs, tossing stamina out the window on sprinting would be fine, as would reducing how much gauge sprinting uses. This one just feels like crap at the moment As far as void dashing goes, the point really is managing the energy pool. If Void Dash had charges, and no longer drains energy, you'd just end up with mo
  6. Loadout slots and higher standing caps are real things. As is higher base capacity on weapons. Those are all tangible and rewarding things to my play experience.
  7. Capping the damage at the target units health. and then only distributing 75% of that damage renders the ability flatly useless. It's now more button presses that it will ever be worth. The design vision of targeting the heavy in a group, and killing it down the rest flatly doesn't work outside of infested. Grineer and Corpus heavy units simply do not spawn with the required ratio to normal troops to make it work out, and the base range means they'll rarely be in range of enough units to render the ability functional. From a player perspective, this ability seemed designed to allow melee
  8. Shock Trooper and Smite/Smite Infusion are quite good. The issue with Shock Trooper and Smite Infusion, compared to the rest, is not only does your build need an open ability slot, but an open mod slot as well. And high power strength. That makes them less universally adoptable, so they'll go unnoticed for quite a while, even as players talk about them. So many of the subsumed skills are just trash though. And the only 3 subsumed mobility skills, Molt, Firewalker, and Reave aren't the greatest. Like, I feel like Wukong should never have given defy in the first place, his offering should h
  9. You guys funneled in mostly garbage skills from the other frames, of course these were overwhelmingly going to be the go to skills.
  10. The screen shot I posted was how set mods looked on exalted weapons from the moment they became separately moddable in u 23, up until the first phase of melee 3.0 when we got instant swapping of melees and guns in 24.4.2. Which is...exactly what I said.
  11. I'm still not certain DE doesn't see it as a bug fix, despite the work around for it existing. Patch 23.0.2 featured this as a patch note: And set mods from update 23 through phase 1 of melee 3.0 looked like this when equipped to EWs: And DE hasn't said a word about it either way I've been able to find since update 23.0.2. The set bonus still actually works on exalted weapons right now, they just can't actually build the bonus. If you throw the mods onto your normal melee, build a combo with that regular melee weapon, your exalted weapon will benefit from the glad set bo
  12. Self damage has been removed from the game. Anything at all doing self damage is a bug. If for some reason you need to self proc Vex armor, and I don't see why you would, if enemies can't stack it you don't need the damage output, Combat Discipline as the aura should still work.
  13. So, I logged out last night, with 19,00X,XXX credits, and over 130 lephantis keys, plus a 5 of each of the others. Logging in after the patch, I still have 19,00X,XXX credit. At 7500 credits per key, 130 would have been 975,000 credits alone. Lephantis Nav coordiantes likewise seem to have simply been removed, instead of converted to credits or left in inventory to sell.
  14. It absolutely is. All current damage reduction mods stack additively. All frame skills stack multiplicatively. Shield just happen to be included in the mods stack. As for shields vs health - you should build either outside of niche situations. With just Aerodynamic, Aviator and Thorns, she has 5,455 effective shields and 2952 eHP. The only time health mods are necessary is if you're spending prolonged time on the ground. 25% damage reduction is equivalent to a 33% increase in effective shields(300/.75=400). So a frame with 300 shields, and no other sources of
  15. You are correct. Although that makes it even easier to hit 7 digit numbers.
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