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  1. You are obsessed with forward combos to an unhealthy degree. These combos are for when you want to clear trash that doesn't need your full DPS to kill and do less DPS by design. So here's the Scindo chart again, with a correction to my Crowd Fall numbers(I only changed the combo multiplier in 0 status, whoops), and Broken Bull: Still 3 statuses for Crowd Fall to exceed 200k dps, and 6 for Broken Bull. But Crowd Fall is actually meant to do damage, and Broken Bull is meant to deal some damage while moving. It's not meant to be the only combo you use, I have no idea why it would b
  2. Kuva Nukor isn't a thing that exists, I swear! You completely ignoring that the kuva nukor and vermisplicer exist, while insisting there's time to headshot every enemy is just absolutely hilarious. Especially when you also pretend guns don't need to reload. The sonar strawman was addressed, but it's hilarious you keep pushing it. I even gave you a chart of a weapon you basically called trash, using a stance you don't think is "outlier", despite the stances you think are outlier being less so than the trash ones you think are normal, and it blows away your comparison points.
  3. Like I said, 44k sustained. You're quoting single mag, and assuming a headshot is hilarious, you're not going to get 100% headshots unless you play slower than dirt, and never have a grineer turn around to deploy a blunt. You completely missed the neutral combo? Or are you just focusing on 700+? And yes, some stances are bad. You've cheery picked such odd example, I don't know what you're going for here. Of course I'm calcing max combo, because it's trivially easy to hit and keep for entire missions. Both a primary vermisplicer, and kuva nukor are capable of putting
  4. If you're counting the chains, the melee goes even higher because of no target cap and high follow through. If you mean multishot, that was already included.
  5. The Kuva Nukor is great, as a primer or a weapon. Doesn't change that his dps numbers for it are 50 to 100% higher than it actually outputs.
  6. When the CO ramp takes less time than the cast time of roar from proper prep weapons, it's beyond silly to discount it. It's also something entirely frame agnostic. Sniper combo should be considered, especially for the Rubico which only needs one hit to apply a multiplier. But I didn't even reference single shot weapons, I specifically mentioned automatic rifles. And they're hardly outliers : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Stance that said, I only used them because I remembered where the fell from comparisons. And no, those numbers don't include viral. S&AP modded with Condition Ove
  7. What. Aside from some boss weakpoints, and dargyns/drop ships if you don't want to put in effort, there's literally nothing that can't be meleed. Right now, automatic rfiles struggle to break 70k dps, and automatic secondaries struggle to break 100k. Meanwhile, 8 condition CO built melees range from 250k on pure physical kronen builds that also apply 1-2 true damage bleeds per hit, to 900k dps monsters like the Silva and Aegis Prime. The worst melee follow through value in the game is .4, almost all deal much higher, making melee's target cap literally everything within it's modded 4.5 to
  8. I just said I couldn't replicate it without actually trying to cause the problem, and gave my set up as a potential reason why. I could definitely see this potentially being an issue with frame drops, or a bad host. Also, this is like claiming you don't need to clean dust out of the PC because only one game overheats. Cool, so glaives become unusable for anyone using dual secondaries, and only planning to throw them again. Unless this is a specific change, like manual blocking, made to only the exclusive melee mode at least. And even then, you'd have a whole host of confused players to
  9. This how it did work before the rework, where it was changed to explicitly make it play the same in both modes. Because as long as they're the same button, you won't be able to draw and throw the glaive in one action. It would always be press melee or hold weapon swap to draw, then hold or heavy attack to throw. It would bring back the clunkiness they just eliminated. Normal melee while it's in the air still calls the glaive back to you without detonating it. I can't replicate the random throws, without deliberately slowing down how fast I release the key. B
  10. The heavy attack button doesn't exist in dual wield, except after the glaive is in the air. it doesn't matter whether it's bound to the same key as alt fire or not, it never had any function in dual wield other than the glaive being mid air. And as I said, heavy attack currently can't draw a weapon either, so throw is bound to hold melee to allow you to throw a glaive without having to melee attack to pull it out first. Also, keep in mind the only reason hold to heavy ever made a brief comeback, was that all of the hold to charge void blast operator abilities were dependent on that code.
  11. Diwata is trash, it's a stat stick for burst healing before you have operator arcanes. Dex Pixia are godlike.
  12. Because dual wielding exists, and because the heavy button's function only exists after you've drawn a melee weapon. If you removed dual wield (which I really wouldn't mind), you'd be unable to throw the glaive at the same time you swap to it, without further code changes to enable the heavy attack button while the weapon is sheathed. And that would make binding heavy attack and altfire separately as mandatory. You may want to open your controller and clean it, just to be on the safe side. Your buttons may be sticking a tiny bit, and failing report a button up event. Also, for a timer ref
  13. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Razorwing_Blitz
  14. The behavior of the gladiator set bonus has changed again. As of right now, it stacks and decays based on both the combo of the stat stick, and the combo of the exalted weapon. This means exalted weapons can again stack the bonus on their own. It's a net buff for Exalted Blade, Iron Staff, and Hysteria, and a nerf for Desert Wind. Also Blood Rush is not, and never has been applied to the exalted weapon, whether you see the buff or not.
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