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  1. Km/h and m/s labels between engines and the Railjack stat grid appear to be backwards. I'm not even sure why they're using different values in the first place. Also, mods apply only to the base railjack stats, and not the component modified stats. Not sure if intended, but if it is, it should be changed anyway.
  2. Rhino players have been asking for this for years. It's not going to happen anytime soon.
  3. Blood Rush and Weeping Wound began working with both Whipclaw and Landslide the moment they became additive base stat increases and not final stat multipliers. It's just in landslide's case the base crit and status are laughable.
  4. For most stuff I went back to corrosive/heat. Pure heat is higher dps if the targets live long enough, because of the way heat procs work now. Every time you apply a heat proc, the damage from the new proc is added to the previous one, and the duration of the proc is reset, allowing the damage to roll infinitely high. I also gave up on Furious Javelin, too much upkeep for what amounts to just overkill damage. EB hits insanely hard as long as you're actually striking with the blade, and the Steel mod buffs really helped for damage consistency. As far as waves building combo, it wouldn't change much of anything. Combo counter only affects heavy attacks, and special cases like slash dash getting 25% of the bonus. It has no effect whatsoever on EB's light attacks or the wave damage, unless you're trying to stat stick gladiator mods. 3 gladiator mods in your weapon would give you 30% of base crit per combo stack, which for EB right now only means 4.5% crit per stack. It's just not a meaningful enough of a bonus to warrant using Drifting Contact or locking your focus into Naramon for now.
  5. Some of the QoL from augments could be moved to the base skills (ie recasting), but that's really about it. He doesn't need a better passive, and I enjoy the sound effect. I would love to be able to hold his 1 to continuously charge though.
  6. Well, I should have prefaced with "almost always". But you're severely overrating the base damage difference and underrating the crit. If you **no** other sources of base damage, Primed Pressure Point can be a whopping 100 dps more on a standard 181% power strength, primed fever strike+90% other element build, and up to ~300 if you use it with CO and no organ shatter. If you have Organ Shatter and CO, or anyone in the group has Steel Charge, or you use Arcane Fury or Avenger, Sac Pressure takes the lead. The gap is never more 1.5% dps in either direction, so it's absolutely not worth a forma to remove.
  7. With the sole possible exception of the kuva kraken's alt fire, normal guns do not get close to 500k+ dps. And that's discounting slash procs. If you're building low strength, low duration, and not using blitz, yeah, Dex Pixia aren't great. And why would they be? You aren't building for them. 179% Power Strength (Simple 2 Umbral Vit+Umbral Intensify and Augur Secrets), Blitz, 1x Arcane Velocity, and a standard Hornet Strike+Lethal Torrent/Barrel Diffusion+Primed Pistol Gambit+Primed Target Cracker+Magnum Force+2 90% elementals hits 510k dps before slash procs or headshot bonuses.
  8. Afterburners have vanished from Archwing since update 27 hit, and the sprint key is now just sprint. Titania still has the update 26 sprint including forward movement. This is literally the only difference between how they handle. And I'm not sure archwings are handling correctly. I've never understood the "Razorwing is slow" complaints. Her base flight speed is already a bit better than base parkour speed, since you don't have to adjust your directions as much, and you won't actually use her primary weapon for anything, so having a rifle with Amalgam Serration is a free 25% sprint mod for her on top of that. Add Blitz, and she's insanely fast. If you can't control her at full blitz, just don't go full blitz, or just don't sprint while at 179%+ speed. Edit: As far as the sprint toggle goes, that is an actual issue. If the current archwing flight controls are correct, it's one that should go away. Otherwise, I don't see it being fixed, so you'd have to turn off the toggle sprint option when you play her. Which would be annoying as hell if you use that option normally.
  9. Uh, since the Steel Mods were buffed, the 2 piece set is always better than Primed Pressure Point and Sac steel. Which means there's no reason to change that polarity at all for that build.
  10. While the wiki currently says Inferno's damage scales with the heat gauge, only the ring of fire it creates does, as outlined in the ability screen tips. Impact damage is static, so you still wouldn't be seeing 5 digit damage outside of ~300% power strength on targets weak to heat. As far as targetting on Inferno, make sure you aren't casting it while aiming, and you have field of view set to max. It will target every enemy in range, and drawn on screen. https://dd.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dvjn5s/ember_rework_how_does_it_work_feedback/ Is a really good write up of how things currently work in her kit.
  11. Titania doesn't have the lowest health pool of all frames, since there are frames with 15 base armor compared to her 65. Running Aviator in her exilus actually makes her on the tankier of side of things when combined with her razorwing evasion, and I run Aerodynamic on top of that. Thorns also now provides 50% damage reduction anytime you can find a melee enemy. The few projectile based enemy weapons tend to explode more often than not, and have large enough radii that the damage avoidance of rolling still comes more from the 75% damage reduction than the displacement. Also, several of exploding projectiles also have homing characteristics. Rolling can't avoid those at all, but will still reduce damage from them. Also, accuracy penalties such as dust have significantly exaggerated effects on non-homing projectiles compared to hitscan.
  12. Rolls aren't actually intended to avoid enemy fire, especially when we're being shot at with hitscan weaponry. Rolling reduces damage by 75% for a duration, and no matter how little, or how much you move they still do that.
  13. Inferno targets from the camera position, not Ember. Which is...weird to say the least. Fireblast's damage does not scale with the immolation meter, only it's armor strip. It's armor strip is also affected by strength, but it can never remove more than it's base rank 3 amount for whatever level the heat gauge is. You're likely not seeing 5 digit damage form a 200 damage ability ever, but seeing the effect of a rolled heat proc. Each new heat proc adds to all existing heat procs, and resets the duration, and fireblast has 100% status chance.
  14. Eclipse needs to always give at least some degree of both buffs. Past that, the UI needs to properly report values. She should also have the ability to manipulate the light in the stage in some way, Prism would obviously be a way to generate max light. Either her 2 or Eclipse itself should be able to generate darkness.
  15. 90% damage reduction from armor actually happens at 2700. Armor does not actually have diminishing returns, as every 300 points of armor is always a linear increase of 100% of Health. Adaptation, Aviator, Aerodynamic, are all classified as "resistance", and stack additively with each other. This category is supposed to cap at 90%. Aka Aviator is like 4 free stacks of Adaptation if running them both. Damage reduction from Thorns should be a separate multiplier, but I don't even know for certain what value it is, or if it's passed on to allies yet. I'm suspicious of where that 3350 armor value for Razoflies comes from. It's on the wiki, seems to be a recent addition, and isn't sourced.
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