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  1. I've been kicking these ideas around for a little bit, which stem from both a desire to see the "lesser" damage types brought up to relevance, and a desire to see something done to help various weapons and weapon types that struggle to be relevant in the "endgame meta". And with the devs mentioning in that last dev stream that their tweaking of armor scaling has also prompted them to look at a pass on damage types in general, now seems like an appropriate time to share. Mechanics Around Damage Status Effects and Proc Bias: part of this change is that damage types (with the exception of single element types) either have some kind of bonus damage, or a status effect. As such, only those elements with a Status Effect possess a proc bias. The Proc Bias is determined by damage values still, with the physical damage (Slash) still being virtually doubled for determining Bias. This greatly increases the chances of certain damage types to proc their status effect, most notably Slash, but is party offset by the changes to shields (see below). Armor: these changes are also somewhat reliant on making the scaling of Armor somewhat...sane. IE, armor ratings should never get so high that Corrossive is always better than Puncture or Radiation against their relevant armor types. Shields: In addition to their current function, for any attack dealing damage to shields that procs a status effect, the proc bias of all damage types, with the exception of Cold and Magnetic, is reduced to 0. Also, as long as a player or enemy has shields, they are immune to knockdowns and staggers. NOTE: this represents a massive buff to Hildryn, and would almost certainly necessitate some changes to her. EDIT: I forgot to mention: you would also remove any penalties on Damage Types. There would only be bonuses that certain damage types gain vs specific flesh/armor/shield types. This is done in the pursuit of simplifying the mechanics, while (hopefully) not truly reducing the ability for customization and diversity. Physical Damage Impact: Bonus damage vs Shield health (not Proto Shields); no status effect Puncture: Bonus damage vs Ferrite Armor; no status effect Slash: no bonus damage; status effect is current implementation. Single Element Damage Cold: Bonus damage vs Cloned Flesh*; status effect is current implementation (maybe buff it?) *Some head-canon to explain this: Grineer are not susceptible to toxin like normal humans because they've been genetically altered to better handle Earth's toxic atmosphere. Side effects included a greater susceptibility to the cold (which has helped the Corpus maintain dominance in places like Venus and Europa). Electricity: Bonus damage vs robotics and machinery; status effect is current implementation Heat: Bonus damage vs Infested and Infested Flesh (but not Fossilized flesh); status effect is current implementation Toxin: Bonus damage vs Flesh; status effect is current implementation Combined Element Damage Blast*: No bonus damage; no status effect; the blast damage dealt by a non-AoE** source is also dealt to all enemies within 5 meters. Corrosive: No bonus damage; status effect is permanently reduce armor by 25% of maximum, stacks up to 4 times for full 100% reduction. Gas*: No bonus damage; no status effect; the gas damage that would be dealt by a non-AoE** source instead spawns a gas cloud with a 5-meter radius on the target. Enemies within the gas cloud take periodic gas damage (based on the amount of gas damage the attack would have dealt). Multiple clouds can overlap. Magnetic: No bonus damage; status effect immediately strips shield and prevents shield regen for 5 seconds. Proc bias for magnetic is reduced to 0 if the target currently has no shields. Radiation: big damage bonus vs Alloy Armor, Proto Shields, and Fossilized Flesh; no status effect. Viral: No bonus damage; status effect is current implementation. * Blast and Gas: the idea behind these two were to give players a route towards AoE damage that was independent of specific weapons. Currently, certain weapon types really struggle in the "endgame meta" because they're single target and aren't that ammo efficient (looking at you, Assault Rifles). That's not to say you can't use them, but there's a reason weapons like Ignis Wraith, Catchmoon (at least, formerly), and Kuva Nukor (at least, currently) are so popular--it's because they can clear rooms much faster than even the best Assault Rifles. And, as I'm not a big advocate of nerfing to achieve balance in a PvE game, I thought that two of the three least-used damage types could be altered to achieve something approaching balance. As for why it's not a Status Effect proc: if it were, only ARs with high Status Chance would be "buffed" with this change. With it just being an "always active" aspect of the damage type, it helps all weapons, even Bows and Snipers. ** Non-AoE source: the idea was that neither Explosions, nor projectiles/rounds that have already "Punched Through" a target, nor secondary hits from a beam's chain, would trigger this AoE effect. Another way to word it might be: only the initial hit from any single projectile will trigger the AoE effect.
  2. Have people pulled anything besides Hydraulic Crosshairs from Torment? I'm killed him 8 times so far. All Hydraulic Crosshairs. The probability of that is just a hair under 0.5%. I know RNG is RNG, but I just want to make sure someone else has seen any of the other mods from him since his appearance yesterday. EDIT: was paired up with some folks who said they've gotten other things, so just looks like I'm on a really bad RNG streak (so far, 10 out of 10 Torments have dropped Hydraulic Crosshairs). ...or I'M bugged 😛 EDIT 2: I finally broke my streak! After 11 Crosshairs in a row, I got Laser Sight, then Blood Rush. Then 2 more Crosshairs. But I at least broke my streak!
  3. Maiming Strike Since Melee 3.0, Maiming Strike has gone from "must have" to "don't bother." It is, honestly, only marginally better than True Steel when doing a slide attack. The change to Maiming Strike killed the idea of "spin to win" builds. Now, I didn't reach endgame during the height of spin-to-win, and I honestly count myself lucky that I didn't feel like melee was worthless unless I went that route. But, I'm never a fan of limiting players to a small selection of builds. Spin-to-Win should be viable, just not so far and away overpowered that you don't use anything else. To that end, let's change Maiming Strike to something useful! Something that might encourage you to make a Spin-to-Win build with certain weapons, but won't obsolete everything else. Post your ideas! Here's mine: Change Maiming Strike to "100% chance to enhance critical hits with melee slide attacks." Enhance here means to increase the critical hit by one crit tier. I borrowed the language from the Vigilante set bonus. Rivens with "+ Crit Chance on Slide Attack" would also be changed to "% chance to enhance critical hits with melee slide attacks." I think this pushes builds with certain weapons that have really good spin attack values, but is not so good that it pushes out other builds on weapons with "normal" spin attack values. IE, on my Zaw Nikana Blood Rush build, this wouldn't fit in. It, in all honesty, would be about the same as fitting in Sacrificial Steel. It's not bad (gets me to the next tier of red crits), but there are better damage gains (or Primed Reach, which I'm a sucker for). Acolyte Mods If you've been over to the subreddit, there's been some pretty scathing reviews of Acolyte Mods. The basics: they just don't fit into builds anymore. Sure, there are some niche/specialized builds for them, but that's it. Although, personally, I see them being very good for weapons when you don't yet have a Riven. They seem like decent fillers until you get a Riven. And, it's as that fill-in for a Riven, I think you could make these mods a bit more useful: Allow Exalted Weapons to equip Acolyte Mods. This not only helps make up for the lack of Rivens for exalted weapons, but it would reduce the propensity for exalted weapons to just rock some "elemental rainbow" setup. You could actually start getting more focused builds for exalted weapons!
  4. I'm stealing this term. Just wanted to give you a heads up. 🙂
  5. I'm so low on Amber Stars that I've been thinking of running req relics to farm em...and that's not a great feeling. 😛 But, having a dedicated farm method for the stars isn't the worst thing ever. Maybe bump up the payout to make it feel better? Like 2-3 stars? But in all seriousness, they do need to do something to make the req relic farm process better. One thought is: thralls (even a lich) could ALSO spawn into those missions, giving you a "double" farm. Another is that the rewards for the relics could be shaken up a bit. Weapon Exilus Adaptor is pretty feelsbadman, especially given the rare drop chance. Maybe an Umbra Forma blueprint? (now that they 'cracked the seal' on allowing these to drop in-game, I'd like to see them drop in more places) Or come up with more rare drop items and have the various relic types drop different rares, so we can add some variety to our farm. In my mind, something like Relics V and VI have Item A at rare, VII and VIII have Item B at rare, IX and X have Item C, etc. At this point, I'd be totally okay with Relics I-IV being vaulted, and 8 new relics being introduced that varied up the non-mod payouts (even if Kuva and Riven Shards stayed a constant on all of them). But definitely would like to see Kuva payouts go up a lot. I would say 1750 would be the absolute minimum from these relics (half a Riven roll).
  6. That's what I figured the process would be. Just for the sake of thoroughness and to dispel any doubts: you have done this? Put Heat into a Toxin weapon and got a bigger % bonus with a Heat damage type?
  7. @[DE]Rebecca So far, some great things. I skipped a Kuva Seer I absolutely did not want. My next Larvling had the Hind, so I did that lich in its entirety since the patch. Grinding murmurs still feels a bit tedious. I would love seeing Thralls spawning in other content we run (so we progress the lich while doing other stuff in game), or have the Lich-specific missions have rewards that contribute to other game activities (giving us Kuva, Void Traces, Universal Medallions, Amber Stars, even Riven Shards). And freeing a whole planet could give bigger rewards, like refined rare relics, Forma (finished, not blueprints), Orokin Catalyst/Reactor blueprints, and even a small chance for really sweet stuff, like the new Umbra Forma blueprint or Legendary Cores (really REALLY small chance).
  8. Have you tested this yet? I saw a report on these forums to something much stranger happening: the poster claimed that the elements were combining (elec weapon and a fire weapon combined into a rad weapon). Here was the post: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1166133-3-valence-fusion/?do=findComment&comment=11353561 At the time of me posting this, that poster hasn't responded to any of my questions yet.
  9. Whoa! Seriously? That seems...really awful. What happens if you already have a dual-element, like Radiation, and then add a 3rd element like Cold? Any ideas? EDIT: although, typically, with weapons that have a dual-element native to them, your single element mods don't contribute toward that unless the mods themselves combined to make that dual-element. Have you tested this? Once you got Radiation, did you try and mod for Corrosive? I'm wondering if the weapon ends up with a "true" dual-element bonus or if it ends up with 2 single element bonuses that automatically combine...which then makes me ask if you can use mods to grab one half (ie if you have Fire and then Elec, could you slot in a Toxin to get gas and elec?)
  10. My Kuva Ayanga Riven mod rolled a negative Fire Rate. With Kuva Ayanga equipped in my Heavy Weapon slot (not the normal Archgun slot), that Riven's penalty is affecting my bows, increasing their charge time. Weird part: it's not just the bows I have equipped. When I'm selecting a Primary Weapon to equip, and click on a bow (but don't click the equip button yet, so I'm seeing the Base Stats), the affects of the Kuva Ayanga Riven are being reflected in the bow's Base Stats. Swapping my Heavy Weapon to a different archgun fixes the issue. More Info: I swapped to a Imperator that has a negative Crit Damage roll on its Riven, but that is NOT reflected in my bows. With the Kuva Ayanga equipped (with the Riven), the Fire Rate penalty is NOT reflected in my non-bow weapons, including those with a Charge Rate (I tested it with my Opticor Vandal, which still had the 0.60 charge time). The above leads me to think that the "x2 for Bows" aspect of the Fire Rate mod is somehow bleeding over to my primaries.
  11. It is a lot of steps. That said, I think that would be okay IF they can make those steps rolled into (or work towards) other parts of the game. If thralls spawned in void relic missions and kuva siphon/flood missions, that would be great. If your lich would crash your sortie, that would be another good way to both farm murmurs (10 for a lich attempt) and guarantee a spawn for a kill attempt. There's more ideas out there floating around for having liches be a thing that actually starts connecting to gameplay islands, rather than being its own island, but I think that's the route to making liches feel good.
  12. This. The self-damage stuff feels so weird and out of place in a game like Warframe as it is.
  13. A nice, simple solution that also synergizes with their new Valence Infusion could be to make it so that every forma (up to 5) increases the max elemental bonus of the kuva weapons by 3%. So with one forma, you get get up to a 63% damage bonus. At all 5 forma, the max bonus is 75%. As for your current bonus, it could work in one of two ways: Your current bonus is increased by 3%. This means weapons already at 60% would just stay at max as you forma them. This wouldn't increase the current bonus at all, so you would have to use Valence Infusion to "level up" the gun, as well. One is way grindier than the other, but both of them are non-RNG grind.
  14. Can we get a Kuva Clem Lich? Where we rescue a lich-ified Clem (Convert is the only option) and get a Kuva Twin Grakata as the weapon? Pretty please? Cherry on top?
  15. Grakatana (1h sepfhan zaw) Venka Prime (snik!) Gram Prime
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