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  1. The issue isn't waiting for the event to come out. The issue is that we've been told that this would be a fairly firm deadline months in advance, and quite a few people have made plans so that they could participate in the event. DE failed to communicate any sort of issues on their end until the last possible minute, and that procrastination has earned them the well-deserved backlash they are receiving. I get that they work hard and I get that they may have issues, but that is not an excuse for failing to communciate. Tell us what is going on so that we know, and we will understand.
  2. A sort of scratching and pecking at the ground like a rooster could be cool. Maybe even have it look back up at you and @#&$ it's head to the side, or try to do a cawing noise. Another idea would be it curling up in a little ball to "sleep" in the orbiter. It could probably even make a sort of purring noise with it's servos.
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