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  1. Actually... you used to be able to zoom in on the free-roam maps (the "solid" huge one you open by pressing and holding map key for a couple seconds) with the mouse wheel. Not sure when exactly it changed but this does indeed not work anymore; not sure when I used this last, but probably not more than a few months ago.
  2. I used to love casually playing warframe... a few missions here and there, couple times a week. Nothing serious. Just for fun. And fun was had. Lots of. Then came the nightwave chores and I muddled through. Some fun was still there but it got tedious pretty quickly. And now the lich...well, all fun is gone now... this new "content" blew ii right out of the water. Wasting hours upon hours on this lich thingie? Forced on me, gated behind layers upon layers of rng grind and indeed now punishing me if I do not do it? Hell, no. That's no fun at all and frankly I value my spare time way too much to waste it on that "content". Guess they finally broke this camels back... maybe again in a few months - only after they introduce a reasonable opt-out mechanic.
  3. Its amazing how they are able to bring in the one solution that moves the event from boring (afk) to toxic (still afk plus now kill stealing).
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