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  1. Already there. They misspelled it "Leave" though; or maybe it is just... French, I do not know. Small, insignificant oversight, still very effective - maybe try it out.
  2. When railjack was released it was a bug ridden mess. And I still had a lot of fun with it. And there was one most important bug that made it all possible. That allowed you to actually be the captain of your own #*!%ing ship. And when DE fixed that "bug" and stole control over my ship from me the whole railjack content went out the window for me. Didnt help either that DE refunded me millions of credits and resources I wasted countless hours grinding for. Havent taken out my ship since and havent played more than a handful railjack missions in many months..
  3. Lua/Void is best. Nothing else comes even close. Not a fan of grineer shipyard. Hate, hate, hate Uranus underwater. Die, die, die!
  4. That it is optional. And for me that means it does not exist.
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