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  1. Hello, I found another similar post from january which was archived for reasons unknown to me, as the bug still exists within the game. (Edit: just noticed its more than a year old) As shown in the images here: https://imgur.com/a/cbqLpl3 you can see that I took screenshots of the current XP of my warframes before and after running the same mission. You can see the kills increasing for both, but the XP only updates on Equinox and i have no clue why. As in the post I linked earlier i also tried formaing saryn, tried a bunch of different missions to no avail. Not game breaking but really annoys me for some reasons.
  2. yup, happening for me too
  3. Oh my god thank you DE for what you did with this game in 2019, ive only been playing for like 9 months or so but I really enjoy the changes that came!! (and thank you for finally fixing magus repair on umbra lol ;))
  4. Hey thanks for the update! The Wolf of Saturn Six looks really great, had a chance to try it out last night! 🙂 Since you're updating Magus Repair, could you look into it not working for Excal Umbra at all? As reported here and some other places: Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much, could you please look into Magus Repair not working for Excalibur Umbra? Was kind of the main reason I farmed that arcane in a couple days to pair it with him but its bugged. Thank you!
  6. Hello, thank you for the fixes, i'm feeling like a broken record but can you pls fix Magus Repair arcane not working on Excalibur Umbra? As shown here:
  7. Thank you very much! Can you look into Magus Repair not working for Excalibur Umbra? It works for every other frame thou.
  8. Heya, thank you for the fix! Just a minor issue, the arcane does not work with Excalibur Umbra neither when host or client.
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