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  1. (XB1)OHNO Its Johnny

    Losing connection during every mission

    Well you said TONS but only know 30 so it might not be TONS lol... not my issue cause I already left the insider all together, factory reset and all... so it has to be something else.
  2. (XB1)OHNO Its Johnny

    Losing connection during every mission

    Dont know how to reply to someone's post... the alpha skip ahead isnt the reason I already tried removing my alpha when it got annoying last week and nothing changed. Still getting kicked from almost every mission. Sometimes I've been successful in finishing missions with 3 friends and solo 1 out 20 times. It's not the alpha skip ahead.
  3. (XB1)OHNO Its Johnny

    Losing connection during every mission

    So here goes... I started playing in early 2015 and took a 3 year break until I started playing again in June. Everything was great, I was happy about being back since middle June. July 1st I started receiving the disconnect message and paid no mind to it since it happened like 3 times a day. On July 5th that changed. I can't play a single mission at all since then. I get disconnected within 30 seconds of loading any mission whether I'm playing solo, invite only, friends only and public. Most of the time, I get disconnected on route to start mission, ship loading screen. Now, I ran a few tests on my connection. Since I live in Hawaii, the closest xbox live server is in Portland or Seattle. Normally, I have 0 latency and under 10 ping with 360 mbps download and 30 upload. Through xbox (wired connection) I run a 30 latency and under 70ms ping with 320 mbps download and roughly 25 upload. Running my xbox on wifi I have 60 latency and under 100ms ping with 285 mbps download and roughly 18 upload. My router is a Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 (best money can buy under $500) my modem is an Arris (handles up to 2 gbps). I have also setup 3 additional ports in my router settings besides the normal ones... 1 specific port for Xbox Live matchmaking, 1 for online gaming and 1 for multiplayer worldwide connection. I play PUBG, Fortnite, Far Cry 5 and countless others that I'm not gonna waste time on putting here. I dropped playing all my other normal games to come back to Warframe 100% and this is what happens. Btw I'm also a game tester with a certain company I can't name and under the Alpha testing group for microsoft (highest tier of a non Microsoft employee possible). I have never experienced this kind of lack of halo from developers. I have reported this crap since last week, and not even an email or anything else have I received from these people. They don't care about the few of us who experience this crap, as long as they continue getting their micro transactions. I would love to go Eidolon hunting, kill off Phorrid, do alerts and especially help fight this Balor Fomorian to stop it from destroying the Orcus Relay. But NO I HAVE TO SIT HERE AND STARE AT A MESSAGE SAYING I LOST CONNECTION TO THE HOST WHEN I AM PLAYING SOLO.... HOW IN THE HELL CAN I LOSE CONNECTION TO MYSELF WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE IS RUNNIND SMOOTHLY? PLEASE FIX THIS SO I CAN APPRECIATE YOUR CREATION STEVE....and other developers....