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  1. TGDM

    Send this to all your hyped up friends!

    reminder: launcher is just chromium or something and you can manipulate the images via %localappdata%/Warframe/Downloaded/Public/Tools/ should be the inside of CEF3_1
  2. TGDM

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Bug Report Megathread

    Attempted to take the portal and got stuck in this screen. I thought I crashed, but frames and everything were still updating.
  3. TGDM

    Mote Amp appears in Primary weapons list

    I've had the Mote Amp gilded and maxed since the week of release and I'm having the same profile issue.
  4. Every time a new message appears in my inbox, all of the old messages I had previously deleted come back with it. This has been the case for the last couple of months.
  5. Seeing as how Riven dispositions have not been changed (or properly documented in many cases) in a long time, when should we expect changes and how will they be handled?
  6. TGDM

    Improving the New Player Experience

    It would be great if the tutorial mission was changed to let players try out each of the warframe/weapon options before committing to it. Bonus if they let you test out all of the warframe's abilities in that first room before you settle in. That way they can get a feel for these pieces of equipment. That, and Excalibur really should not be locked behind the second to last system on the Star Chart. Mag and Volt can both be obtained fairly early on by comparison. Excalibur is the defacto choice/recommended starting warframe both because he is a good all-around warframe and the difficulty of acquiring him later and being the only warframe without a Prime variant for improved stats. It's the best frame to start with and worthwhile to invest in. Though I guess the point about investing into it / not having a prime variant for stats could be affected by Umbra :V
  7. TGDM

    [Console] Operation Plague Star: FAQ

    Is this in regards to the Bounty rotation rewards (Naramon Focus Lens / Gladiator Finesse) or in regards to the event-specific rewards offered by Nakak or dropped by the Hemocyte? (I'll stay tuned - just hoping to hear more about what's going on with the Bounty reward rotations)
  8. TGDM

    Warframe Raid School Bus

    Yes we do! Be sure to do /rank join eidolonhunt in the #botspam channel
  9. TGDM

    Warframe Raid School Bus

    Yup! Just join the server through the links in the OP or go here:
  10. TGDM

    Warframe Raid School Bus

    Join the Raid School Bus and find a group there! If you're completely new and want to learn how to run them, we have a bunch of video guides (in the OP and on the resources page of the discord). If you just want to join a random group to run them with that's fine too.
  11. TGDM

    Partner Glyphs - Wave 11.5 Guiderino

    @Star_K1ller-TheGlyphKing I've given the Raid School Bus a big chunk of PC codes to distribute through their Twitch page: It's behind a view hour requirement ticket system, but I also drop codes in the chat on occasion.
  12. TGDM

    Coming Soon: Devstream #98!

    When the "Focus Sledgehammer" finally strikes, what happens to all the Focus players have generated in the nearly two years since its addition to the game? How do the developers plan to compromise between respecting the investment of nearly 2 years of grinding while at the same time keeping the system approachable for new players?
  13. TGDM

    Coming Soon: Devstream #97!

    How do the developers deal with dilution of drops in the long run? Two quick examples: 1. On the official drop table page (link) there are many items with "Beyond Legendary (Under Review)" drop rates. What does the review entail? 2. When looking at the 3 available Trial missions, it's easy to see that The Law of Retribution (Normal) is heavily diluted compared to the others. What prompts the devs to revist drop tables like these?
  14. TGDM

    Coming Soon: Devstream #96!

    I've got a couple bunch of questions for the devs on Eidolon: Will players be able to willingly choose to enter for day/night time in Eidolon? How will hosting work in Eidolon? P2P or dedicated host? Will quests be per player or shared as a group? i.e. Simaris vs. Syndicate dailies. Will any AI changes/improvements be on the way to support this new open world system? What do the devs think Sniper weapons need to be viable in this new zone? ... How about naming/classifying the set mods showed at TennoCon as Plainswalker mods? :V
  15. 1. Did 200 days in a row since U19 for loggin'... But I can't bother with that any more so if I see MDef + Defense/Excavation on the same day I just nope on out of there. 3. Tokens which can be redeemed for other Sortie rewards. Bad luck insurance for some, a meaningful way to earn potatoes or Rivens for others.