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  1. Finally! I didn't think I'll live to this day!
  2. I got excited for two minutes, then I realized you need to have high standing to be able to buy it.
  3. Two updates and you already changing values. Did you actually test it yourself before going public?
  4. Another one?! Can you just increase default holster speed? Do you understand builds and that no one will use this thing? Or, at least make it a sentinel mod?
  5. My sympathy to whoever is going to go thru all of them.
  6. Most of my appearance colors are either went default or use some weird colors now. don't want this.
  7. Please, no more K-Drive! Show us more Melee 3.0, MOA companion etc
  8. That Rubico Prime design... What does it fire if there seems to be nothing connecting with the barrel?
  9. The only thing that got me somewhat excited is quick weapon switch. If this also cover primary to secondary, I'll be a very happy tenno.
  10. Now you can't scare fish by shooting into water. All leeches are thanking you right now, DE!
  11. Increase thralls damage for fun's sake! It's laughable to watch normal and thralled enemies cheap each-other health-bar for two minutes.
  12. With parts being obtained from PoE bounties, I can only imagine how much more AFKers and fishers will be in squads now. Great decision, DE!
  13. I'm not defending killing through walls, but enemies can get you through walls. Eximus can drain you, one pixel of Nullifier bubble one floor below can ruin your day. Will you fix this too?
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