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  1. Plains of Eidolon was fair, clear and fun. Enemies were dropped from transport so you could see them coming and prepare accordingly(or shoot them). Foes themselves were fair and not annoying for the most part(except Ghoules). I really did have fun playing it as sniper, or Lens Zephir or even AFKing as Mesa. Orb Vallis took a turn for worse. Enemies teleport right on top of you, stunlock you, knock you out, disable your abilities. From shooting range or jump and do the same from up-close. Stationary turrets on PoE were easily identifiable by look AND sound. Here they are tiny, weird lookin
  2. I don't understand why DE won't start selling custom HUDs, alternate limbs for warframes, not just helmets; cosmetic holsters, bandoliers, etc. They could milk this stuff with little effort.
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