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  1. Why, oh why can't you make it a togable option? Or, at least, allow us to start combo with a heavy attack! This is why it is so hard to love you, DE. You simply disable something instead of giving players an option to chose what they like.
  2. Great! There literally nothing as fun as being killed because you didn't roll a right combination. You were oneshot not because you were slow, unobservant or ill-prepared. No. You just guessed wrong and BAM! you're RNGed to death. That's game DEsign for you.
  3. I see no problem with someone being faster or having a better aim. That's skill. I have a problem with no skill required to be able to nuke the whole room every second of a match. And going solo is not a viable advise. It's a dumb advise. That's how co-op games die. Whatever. It's not the topic to discuss power spam and power spam will not go anywhere. So you won.
  4. Yeah. You not the first one to give this brain dead response. "Play solo. Play other game. Leave my power spam alone!" Brilliant.
  5. It does a lot of sense if I want to have fun and not being half AFK for the whole round because all enemies are being nuked every second. I'm against any nerfs but power spam is a big disappointment for me.
  6. Holding melee to do a heavy attack still does not work with one handed swords like Skana. If this is a feature a'd like to know why.
  7. Please, let us use heavy melee attack immediately, just like light one!
  8. I just want my character to be more controllable during combo! It's pretty hard to land a hit when combo sends me flying 10 meters past enemies. Also for fun's sake remove that strike before you launch a Glave! Why is it even there?
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