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  1. My final tally Drops # % Credits 95 64.2% Grand Finale 25 16.9% Glyph 13 8.8% Neo K2 5 3.4% Cetus Wisp 4 2.7% Axi C3 2 1.4% Khora Delphi Helmet 1 0.7% Meso T3 1 0.7% Nitain 1 0.7% Oxium 1 0.7% Ambulas Noggle 0 0.0% Khora 0 0.0% Lith C3 0 0.0% Nidus 0 0.0% Riven 0 0.0% Total Drops 148 100.0% Potential Drops 166
  2. There were two posters for your orbiter that dropped when the drops monster was killed. If I understood it correctly, the drops monster will be additional functionality for Warframe Partner streamers. A nominated monster in the streamer's mission gets killed by the streamer, and everyone watching the stream will get a drop. It's a way to increase participation between streamers and those actively watching. You asked for "dear Tennos" and you got... me. Sorry about that.
  3. I'm not that fussed about the Ambulas, but the Nidus grind has really got me down. I think I'm up to five runs with zero drops. The RNG has been good to me on other frames (o hai, Ivara), but Nidus & Infested Salvage? Ugh. Time to start grinding SO & IS again...
  4. I watched from the midnight GMT on the 9th (drops started) until 10pm GMT today (drops stopped), so by my math that's just under 7 days, with 166 potential drops. I got 148 of them. None of them were the Ambulas (or the Riven, or frames, or, surprisingly, the Lith C3).
  5. Still watching Tactical Potato, and "Drops Enabled" is back. The Twitch machine has been a little jittery today.
  6. Logged out for the hotfix, logged back in, drop in Inbox (9 minutes ago).
  7. I stopped getting drops 5.5 hours ago. Still watching the stream, but nothing since 14:51 (in-game time)
  8. It's just gone 0:00 GMT on the 15th. So, stats over the next 24 hours will either prove or disprove your theory 😉
  9. 1. I think *intent* matters more than action here. Swapping out a bad word for a nice "one" doesn't change intent 😛 2. Don't do meths kids. Meths is bad. 3. Drops started at midnight GMT on the 9th of November. It's now 11:12pm GMT on the 14th (10:12am on the 15th here), so that's 143 potential drops at 1 drop per hour streamed. I'm at 129/143.
  10. Eh. I'm not complaining. OK, maybe a little bit about including glyphs as a drop (can you even use more than one?). I'm just here for the intermittent stats dump. At 125 hours viewed, here's my drop-rate (and I've been AT my computer for about 80% of that because of the weekend, and streams keeping me company while I've been at work) Drops # % Credits 80 64.0% Grand Finale 22 17.6% Glyph 10 8.0% Neo K2 4 3.2% Cetus Wisp 4 3.2% Axi C3 1 0.8% Meso T3 1 0.8% Nitain 1 0.8% Khora Delphi Helmet 1 0.8% Oxium 1 0.8% Total 125 100.0% I mean, that's 600,000 credits. Nothing to sneeze at. Sure, I've spent most of it and earned it back. Am I a little bummed that I'll probably have to farm Nidus again? Sure. Complaining? Hell no. I've been playing this game almost exclusively for the last four months and I've just started streaming because of this event.
  11. You got Khora... AND Nidus? I'm now at 109 drops, with neither. 😕 I just don't want to go back to farming Nidus. I've still got 0/3 parts. Damned Glast Gambit 10-point margin.
  12. Drops # % Credits 55 62.5% Grand Finale 19 21.6% Glyph 4 4.5% Neo K2 3 3.4% Cetus Wisp 2 2.3% Axi C3 1 1.1% Meso T3 1 1.1% Nitain 1 1.1% Khora Delphi Helmet 1 1.1% Oxium 1 1.1% Total 88 My running tally, with calculated percentages based on what's dropped.
  13. The list is in the OP, under "Hidden Content"
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