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  1. If you knew my luck you wouldn't say such 😂😂
  2. Actually they need to increase its time.A tridolon is almost impossible without a perfect ish team
  3. Wow I guess that is your luck,the beginners I meet are usually so cute 🙂 usually...
  4. I mean there is no reason to play other frames
  5. By better tanks I mean tanks with better ability kits
  6. Yo yo chill I guess I triggered something
  7. So,when there's a toxic destroyer in your team as Saryn,you don't need to do anything.She kills everything instantly.She is a tank,too. I knowwhen you revisited Wukong,you aimed people to play him.People weren't playing him because there was better tanks with CC abilities etc. And now it's same with Saryn,but the opposite situation.There's no reason to play with any other Warframe if you have a Terminator that can take any damage possible in the system,you won't need any other Warframe.
  8. You and you gf doesn't have the challenge.Correct me if I'm wrong
  9. You and you gf doesn't have the challenge.Correct me if I'm wrong
  10. Actually I think most of the Warframes can,you just need to change modding per mission type
  11. It is per hour but you can stay as long as you want
  12. If you're on PS4, hit me up with a pm when needing help
  13. You can not trade the first 50 platinum you have since it's free.I advice you to buy Warframe and Weapon slots with it.
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