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  1. Can we expect any tweaks for ember? Its been over a month since her rework and still no tweaks based on feedback.
  2. It's been 3 weeks now and ember has no tweaks done to her plz for the love of god DE her energy usage is the biggest on the game, The way she is now her 4rth augment is mandatory on her otherwise you will run out of energy in no time. Either make her 2 drain far less punishing or remove the energy cost ofher 3 cuz its counter intuitive to have her 3 cost us energy to stop our energy drain, at this point just turning off her 2 is the better solution and thats bad, plz make some changes.
  3. Thanks for the fixes, but plz tell me we will se some ember changes too based on feedback and nor just vauban.
  4. Sorry my bad forgot to mention that her damage is also worse than saryn you can go test it, also having to run max efficiency otherwise you are bad that's bad balance.
  5. Anyone who thinks ember got it better is trolling, her 1 is still bad, her 2 goes up way to fast and her energy costs are huge forcing you to run max efficiency. There Is absolutely no reason to use new ember over saryn.
  6. Just saw prime time, loved the changes except one. PLZ for the love of god incrase the number of enemies her 4rth can hit. 10 enemies are way to few, i can't streatch this enough increase the number of the enemeis she can hit otherwise the ability is useless.
  7. Man noone is saying that the update isnt big, but 2019 is litteraly the worst year of warframe content wise and having every single mainline they make DElayed isnt helping either.
  8. If you think that the update will have no bugs cuz of the DElay i have bad news for you.
  9. They will never release mainline on friday cuz they cant bugfix anything that way. They themseves have said it.
  10. They said for this week if all goes well, they haven't announced anything today that means that all didn't go according to plan, not enough time to bugfix in a mainline update if they don't release it at the latest today that means we go next week.
  11. No i'm pretty sure a mainline one would be announced first.
  12. They would have anounced it already if it was this week.
  13. If it was today they would have anounced it already. DElayed strikes again.
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