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  1. When I was a new player, Baro was INSANE. He brought good stuff and I couldnt afford everything. Later on he gets less and less interesting, but that's just because you progress and have bought a ton of good stuff already. This time, I was quite happy with my second Heated Charge and my first Pedestal.
  2. I had this too. Three options, choose the right one, fail. Try again, same question, same answer, now it counts.
  3. Nekros Prime / Limbo Prime / Gauss Arca Plasmor / Braton Prime / Ignis Wraith Pyrana Prime (72.3%) / Furis / Sonicor Plague Keewar / Paracesis / Heat Sword
  4. I agree, 30 day booster is best value for money. I use them all the time.
  5. Resource booster is much better than the resource drop booster. Because RB doubles your effort, while RDB only adds a few percent, depending on what you're looking for. RB also doubles just about any resource, including void traces in fissures. If you have the plat to spare, you can use both of course.
  6. Thanks for the responses, finished the puzzle now.
  7. It's different for everyone. And I should check all 3 options, indeed. Never saw a third one though. Damn.
  8. Yes, it has to do with staying close to the ground in Archwing. I was probably too high, so they didn't spawn.
  9. In the glassmaker puzzle, I now have encountered at least 3 times that the answering options are not matching the clues. For instance, clue names "Prageshtra", but answering options are Havera and Kaleet. So I chose Kaleet, wrong. Next time I chose Havera, correct. Then failed on the Ayatan relic question. Clue was an eye form, was not in the answers. I had that one correct in a previous atttempt. Next time, I get to choose again between Kaleet and Havera, chose Havera. WRONG. I simply can't finish it this way. Bugged. Anyone else got the same? Am I overlooking something? There are only 2 answering options, right?
  10. You have to got ON FOOT or with your K-Drive. With Archwing they don't show up. Trust me, I had the same. Travelled around the plains with Archwing for 4 full rounds, nothing showed up. Then did the same by K-Drive / running and within a few minutes, the first one popped up. Also: I did not have an active mission. Some players say it increases the chances of spawning.
  11. Yeh, I was stuck in an elevator yesterday too. No way to get out including "unstuck". Could only abort. Annoying.
  12. Most likely is that it's updated every 2 weeks and you get 7000 standing once for each part of the pentagon. So max 5 * 7000 standing.
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