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  1. Magus Repair is a good and affordable alternative to Arcane Grace. I use it and don't die in Arbitrations.
  2. Additionally: check prices on warframe.market auction. Please note that these prices are usually way too high, though. But they give an idea. I usually start with a relatively high price and then gradually drop. I level them up only if I use them myself. I reroll if necessary, but stop when I have decent / good stats.
  3. It's there to make Revolite so you can repair your Railjack. Revolite can only be made through forging.
  4. It's not true. I have never ever refined anything and still kept everything. I'm on pc, btw.
  5. A nice clean way to exit a game? An indication of what mission and what level the host is starting? Or if he's going to dry dock. Preferably a timer to leave or stay, just like in regular missions. Also: why do I build / upgrade my railjack when I can just hop on anyone else's?
  6. I had that once in an Arbitration. Boom, just died instantly. From 8000+ to zero. Inaros too.
  7. Maguwa. Probably only a small amount of people will know what it means.
  8. Yes, railjack missions give a ton of resources. And you'll level up your intrinsics. So win-win situation.
  9. It's totally weird that there's no easy way to get out. Also weird that you don't see what mission the host selects. This works, however: after the mission success screen comes up, you can do "abort mission". It then looks like you failed, but you keep everything, including resources and intrinsic points. Other option is to wait until host gets back to dry dock, then select 'leave dojo'. You can ask the host to return.
  10. I played 3 games so far and had no idea what was going on.
  11. I have no problem with feedback. I have a problem with writing it off within a day after release.
  12. It's a day old, for f's sake. I haven't played it yet. Cut the crap and wait a few weeks.
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