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  1. Eximus units still drop Riven Slivers. You can go for those too.
  2. Why doesn't the game just save your rewards after each finished mission? Mind baffling, this.
  3. I just got an insane amount of SE, because they raised the reward for completing a planet from 2 to 25. I'm not complaining, but aren't they overdoing it a bit here? I can only imagine this means inflation for the weekly items. They will be pricey, because everyone now has tons of SE and has an easy way to get more.
  4. You have to keep killing or the acolyte doesnt spawn. Syndicate spawns do NOT replace Acolyte spawn, I had both in the same mission. What people seem to forget is that in the old system you had to farm for more than an hour to get a good result. A lot of players (like me) don't want to do the same mission for that long. I did it a few times when SP was new, but I have no interest for that now. This new system makes SP a lot more accessible to all players. And you can still do long runs if you like.
  5. 60 an hour? You'd had to play at least 45 mins for the mass SE drops to start. Now you can hop into any mission and stay as long as you like.
  6. If you do non-alert SP missions, you can get the Acolyte too. So you can still farm SE outside of the alerts. I just had one in a regular SP mission. Just tested: resource booster WORKS on Acolyte SE drop! They drop 4 SE. Also: endless missions spawn an Acolyte every cycle (like every 5 minutes in Survival). They usually spawn between 4-5 mins. Sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later.
  7. Players already leave endless missions after the first cycle. While you can still get more SE from Acolytes. Additional drops from Eximus would make it worthwile to continue doing long runs. The first weekly item is Umbra Forma, but there's only less than 3 days left. Since my SE count isn't that high yet, I can't reach it within this period, so I have to wait EIGHT whole weeks?? Could you make this first one last for a week please? I also got the impression that in missions where I was alone, no Acolytes show up. I waited a couple of minutes near the entrance, but nothing happened.
  8. Despoil is awesome. It allows you keep Desecrate always on. Any energy you have, you use for your shadows. They're up permanently. I tried an energy build, but Despoil is so much better.
  9. I'm using this build for quite some time now (4 forma): * Sprint Boost * Thief's Wit These first 2 are mainly for regular farming missions. If you want to do higher level content, swap with whatever works. Rest: * Health Conversion * Equilibrium * Umbral Vitality * Primed Vigor * Primed Continuity * Stretch * Despoil * Shield of Shadows I'm sure there are lots of variants you can try, but this works for me. Weapons: Ignis Wraith / Pyrana Prime / Paracesis Arcanes: Arcane Grace and Arcane Guardian (both maxed). Arcane En
  10. You got it wrong. DE says NW 3 will last until end of this year and Intermission will start in January 2021. There may be a brief pause in between, they did that before.
  11. They waited till other events were finished.
  12. In pubs, no one goes for the vaults. So you open them and let your team mates profit or you go solo.
  13. Has been asked 100,000 times by newbies. Answer is always the same: never. And I hope it stays that way. Introducing FP would open a huge can of worms.
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