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  1. There will be a 10 Nitain Extract alert today (friday). Along with catalyst, reactor and aura mod alerts.
  2. It's a known bug, check the release notes. You will get it back.
  3. When people message to buy something when my status in Warframe.Market is set to 'invisible'. That's usually an indication my price is too low. Most of the time I ignore them, unless I have time and it's a good price.
  4. MR8 means aim gliding. Practice it and you will pass this test easily. Remember that practicing at Cephalon Simaris means you can skip the 24 hour wait. So practice until you can do it multiple times in a row, then do the real thing.
  5. I used them while fighting Levantis, but that's about it. There are primed ammo mods too. No, really.
  6. There currently is no "complete 3 sabotage missions" challenge. And I always state that I'm looking for caches. I usually have no problem with other players on that. It would be a different if the 3 caches mission wasn't there, of course.
  7. FYI: there currently is a NW challenge that requires players to get all caches. So it is likely that most players in a sabotage match want to do this. Then insisting players hurry to the end is rude.
  8. This challenge is not new. You could have prepared. I have an ungilded Zaw lying around just in case, plus several unfilled Ayatan treasures. Not hard to farm a few Forma's and wait for the challenge. Well designed challenge? Nope. Hard to complete? Also nope. It was my first completed challenge of this week.
  9. If you haven't bought the starter pack yet, I recommend doing so. It has 300 plat and a lot of goodies. It should be enough to cover your first weeks. Sell prime parts to get more plat. I have 3000+ plat and only bought the starter pack, almost a year ago.
  10. https://ibb.co/4SBFtNQ https://ibb.co/2ncYmCr https://ibb.co/y4SxxJt https://ibb.co/FHS0K3L https://ibb.co/drMjW8w https://ibb.co/n6PFFmF https://ibb.co/zRLPWys For some reason, I can't enter pictures. Click the link to ibb image hoster. These Rivens are also all on Riven.market, my seller name is the same as here: Aazhyd. Prices: Flux Rilfe Saticon 50 p Gaze Sati-insinok 70 p Kraken Purapha 25p Miter Critatak 25 p Miter Vexiata 60 p Panthera Vexi-ampican 90 p Rabvee Critaton 50 p
  11. Ash (several fun builds possible) Atlas Nidus Loki (infinite stealth, play exterminate without anyone seeing you)
  12. I get the impression it is a troll thread. The answer is clear, yet OP ignores all correct answers and only responds to other posts.
  13. OP is probably a player who's still clearing the star map, yet you give 'advice' with builds that require many expensive / hard to get mods. That isn't very helpful. 'Just Zenurik your way up to full energy', I bet he has no clue what you mean with this.
  14. Manics sound totally different. It's a clear and long maniacal laugh, instead of the short, whispered 'heh' by Harrow.
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