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  1. Really? 😮 This is a huge surprise to me, because I seem to remember doing the "without being detected" Riven challenges while scanning around with my Operator and I never failed those (but maybe I just got lucky). You always learn something new in Warframe! I'll have to do more testing when the Zealots appear again - I felt like one of them was following me even when I wasn't using the scanner. Thank you for your answer!
  2. That's more to do with effects and graphics settings and it's something DE try to improve - Eidolon hunts used to be much worse as far as the glare, bloom, blinding effects go.. But unlike rendering / shader tweak, this feels like it could be fixed with a couple of clicks. It's really dumb that the Cores get plastered on the screen like they're the most important objective, yet there are hundreds of them and virtually no one cares about them.
  3. I can't remember their names, two infested operator / devotee looking things appeared and started shooting us - after we killed them, we got 50 Nightwave Standing. As soon as I saw them, I switched to Operator mode - to be able to have a closer look and get a Codex scan before killing them. But to my surprise, the devotee struck me down even though I was invincible & invisible in Void Mode. I tried again and sure enough, both have been able to see me, follow me and damage me while in Void Mode. This feels like a bug, unless there's a chunk of lore incoming, explaining these powers. As far as I can tell, the only other unit in Warframe that can mess with our Transference is the Ropalolyst. Please let me know - is this a bug or some sort of unexplained feature / ability of the devotees? Thanks, big love to the team! ❤️ EDIT: They're called Zealots.
  4. Loving the update, loving the sass from Red Text. Thanks, team! 🙂
  5. Every Sentient Core dropped (from the big Eidolon or from the Vomvalysts) persists on the screen, with big text over each one, and it can get really cluttered. Additionally, the icon for the Core looks similar to a waypoint (in that it's white and similar size). This can get really annoying if you're trying to put a waypoint down, but there's a hundred white icons all over the screen... During Eidolon hunts, there is already so much visual clutter and the Cores are not used during the fight in any way, so I suggest either changing the way they are shown (smaller icon only on the minimap but not on the main screen), or adding an option in the menu to hide the markers entirely.
  6. Great new skins ✔ UI improvements ✔ Bug fixes ✔ My eternal gratitude ✔
  7. I only said that "some of these changes look very promising", but okay. I can't speak for Ash, as I don't really play him, my post was about possible Inaros augments.
  8. Legend, Meg. @DE, I'm loving the recent bits of optimizations peppered into the hotfixes.
  9. Hey @[DE]Bear nice to see - some of these changes look very promising! As a Sandboi main, can I suggest Inaros' Augments here? I remember there was talk about him being a "selfish" frame, which birthed some rework to his Augment, but I have ideas, man! TL;DR: 3 suggestions for better Scarab Swarm Augments, 2 suggestions for better Sandstorm Augments - read bold only and you'll get it. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Negation_Swarm I feel like this whole Augment should just be included in Inaros' 4th ability. Comparison - recent Wukong rework makes him just as tanky, with a free super powerful clone and the ability to move fast and undetected, heal and shed all Status effects at the press of a button (2). Meanwhile old sand boy needs a whole Augment just to be able to resist Status effects. Negation Swarm is very much an essential mod (not an Augment), in my opinion. So I would merge it with his 4th ability and make a different Augment for his 4th, for example: Inaros automatically trades % of his Scarab Armor to heal nearby injured allies. - Basically allow Inaros to become a walking med kit in exchange for some percentage of his Scarab Armor (which he can then replenish by trading in his health, then seek ways to replenish that, thus tweaking/completing the Inaros health-gameplay loop). Upon death, enemies trapped by Scarab Swarm release healing swarms that seek out Inaros and his allies (over great distance). - Scarab Swarm is great in that it turns enemies into health dispensers. The problem is that most people just go in and kill the trapped enemies, whose "health/second" effect is therefore wasted. Allies that could actually use it are usually too far or miss the health pulse. This Augment would guarantee a small bit of health return to everyone, thus making the ability more team-friendly. Upon death, enemies trapped by Scarab Swarm have % chance to drop an Energy ball. - Again, some way to make Inaros into more of a team player and give some purpose to the senseless killing of the swarmed enemies who are just trying to have a sand party. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Elemental_Sandstorm The Sandstorm ability in itself is not the greatest and should probably be considered for a rework (anything that pushes enemies away from a tank is a bit counter-productive), but this Augment specifically feels so weak. Adding a 50% chance for a Status effect is hardly an Augment-worthy thing, since we have multiple ways to apply Status effects to anything with weapons, much more quickly and reliably than with an Augment to an already clunky ability. Anything that makes it more like Wukong's Cloud Walker ability. - very fast / undetected / opens nearby enemies to finishers / heals / removes Status effects - any of those are great, especially the speed. This Augment would turn Sandstorm into more of a tactical / team player ability. Or even Stealth (we all know that Cloud Walker Wukong is the king of Jupiter Spy missions now). Sandstorm dispenses energy/s allies within range while taking health/second from Inaros. If Scarab Armor is active, allies also receive armor/second. - This would be another nice loop, allowing Inaros to do a little more than just stun enemies and dispense health. Also a nice way to tie his 3rd ability to his 4th for that added armor bonus. Synergy. Beautiful sandy synergy.
  10. When searching for Simaris' targets, I used to equip the Synthesis scanner and then fly through the level, killing things with my melee weapon and occasionally right-clicking (aim) to bring up the scanner, to "check for traces of the target". Now, right-clicking will automatically hide the scanner and bring up my ranged weapon instead. If I want the scanner back, I have to select it again from the infinite zooming wheel thing (or keyboard shortcut). This was also an extremely helpful feature when it came to mining - you could kill that one annoying enemy with your melee and then go straight back into mining. It was much faster and less tedious to smack that one annoying enemy in the cave and continue mining. It's not a huge game-breaking inconvenience, but I did notice that when I was doing a mining run for Nightwave ("X rare minerals from Orb Vallis") I had to constantly re-equip the mining tool after every random little spider I squished. I ended up manually equipping it dozens of times for that one challenge. At the risk of getting told to get over it, or how my problem is not a problem and how dare I waste DE's time with it, etc... I still wanted to post it to see if anyone feels the same. My suggestion would be to change it so that "aiming" with Melee equipped doesn't immediately throw you into your Primary or Secondary weapon, but to the last thing you actually "aimed" with.
  11. If I'm visiting someone else's Orbiter and they want to show me the back room in the middle, I can't enter it. And if I invite someone to my Orbiter, they can't enter my back room. There's a workaround (bullet jump like crazy through the top half of the door until you're let through), but I feel that with Empyrean coming, it might be a good time to finally get this fixed so it works properly and either: - the door opens normally for everyone when they approach it. or: - the door only opens when the host is near it (so they can choose to hold it open for visitors or leave it closed). Thanks, I hope this makes sense! 🙂
  12. - provided they are within range of Loot Radar/Animal Instinct. Just a small dot. 🙂
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