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  1. Will this fix players spawning in Railjacks?
  2. This and the neverending flashbangs in arena missions. The more reason to stop playing the game.
  3. I've been ranking up my mech for hours straight and I still can't get used to hovering with my mouse and not being able to zoom.
  4. "Your journey as a True Master begins now." So why won't fake Lotus stop babysitting me like a mentally challenged child in every single mission? Take this opportunity and make her words mean something since hearing from her a hundred thousand times has been an issue forever.
  5. They can take down the nullifier bubble but don't damage the target itself.
  6. Don't spread your misinformation. They recover lost items and roll back accidental transactions, including those for real money. They can simply revert your account to its previous state in some cases.
  7. I mean sure, give us some variety, but most often I'm not prepared for an extermination when I'm running a capture mission. I don't want to feel forced to pick a narrow array of frames just in case Lotus feels bloodthirsty again.
  8. Sooo where are they? I've been checking fissures constantly since the update and I haven't seen a single one in the Void. Maybe one appeared at night when I was asleep just to mess with me? Dunno. But it's been what, at least half a year since we had them appearing frequently? Now they're gone, reduced to atoms. Please stop this RNG insanity and make sure we get at least a few per day. We've had enough of fissures everywhere else in the star chart. The Void is the most beautiful and reliable tileset and it's a shame that we don't get a chance to use it. Outside of fissures it serves pract
  9. So the point of this is just to achieve your weird dream of modding frames physically, as in shoving mods up their slots?
  10. Recompensation for being a trash aura 🙂 And before someone else states the obvious, power donation also has 9 capacity.
  11. If you want the rewards back then contact the support. Complaining here won't help. I'm sure no one would leave the game and cause a host migration if you just assembled a team instead of going into a random public match.
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