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  1. I'm surprised that anyone would pick her basic skin over the deluxe just because of an animation gimmick, which is only visible in razorwing. Yes, it's weird that her skirt is completely static in razorwing and doesn't even flop around, but her basic and tennogen skins are nowhere near as good as the deluxe. Her basic wings are a total eyesore and don't go well together with any syandana or even the rest of her body, not to mention the hideous pieces of material in front of her legs. The rest of her standard skin is just bland and impossible to look good. In any case, I'm certain they will fix her stiffness. That small bug isn't a good reason not to get something that looks way better.
  2. This is one of the most logical things to do and has been suggested god knows how many times. Considering how much DE ignored it there is no hope for them to do something about it. Always make sure to get the bundle, not just a single skin. If you cheap out on something that isn't much more expensive you might regret it eventually.
  3. They talked about this at tennocon. You can see how much they care about it.
  4. This isn't how you save the game from dying, DE.
  5. This fix in the last hotfix made it more difficult and cumbersome to move around with my operator. When I enter void mode I just lose all momentum which I always use to jump higher by jumping and entering void mode right after. Because of this some places require me to clumsily dash high up into the air and back down only to get onto a fairly small obstacle. But of course this isn't the only situation where this would be an issue.
  6. The mindset of this community. Jesus f*ing christ. What is so goddamn wrong about improving something a little bit so that every. single. person. that buys it benefits from the change. People just love to defend things that have no right to exist! Why you'd want them to remain worse than they could be is beyond me. This is NOT a suggestion to remove things. It's a suggestion to replace them with something more suitable. There is nothing wrong with that. Hell, it should make people more prone to actually buying the prime access.
  7. Last I checked Warframes don't use hands to stick to walls.
  8. Another absolute BS is that your appearance gets randomized when you press Y. So when you wanna open your chat while customizing your frame be EXTREMELY careful not to click it.
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