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  1. It's been there for so long that it earned the title of an intended feature which is here to stay
  2. It sounds like Cy's voice actor had a stroke since the last recording session. And it looks like they tried to make this new quest longer than it really is.
  3. lmao, we did a public Lith Mariana Exterminate together just before you posted this. I saw you complain about the tenora barrel after the run 😂😂 I checked my inventory to give it to you but I didn't have it 😂
  4. DE swiftly changing the test because you said so:
  5. Leaving aside the incredibly witty jokes about broken waypoints, this isn't too bad of an idea. So long as they add environmental hazards, traps and stuff like that. ... I can't wait to fall out of bounds and fly straight to the extraction.
  6. It's only for the most recent bugs and content, so it's the same as ever except we can see what comes next in case we're that impatient. Though a Trello board about the most glaring issues with the game and abandoned bugs, that would be a whole different story and very much needed.
  7. If only they hadn't nerfed that... I got 3x oberon neuroptics and 3x endo rewards in a single run. I don't know how I will live the rest of my life without such generous rewards.
  8. There's always one thing you can expect to be consistent in Warframe. Inconsistency. I hate this so much on tennocon armor. Metallics are tertiary while accents are matte details. If you wanna "match" it with other armor you have to make sacrifices and hide the details. But the harrier suit is the worst joke ever because when I try on the legs 2 colors turn matte when they're metallic on the rest of my saita suit. And guess what? The other 2 colors turn metallic. FOUR colors, literally all of them, apply to the opposite material...
  9. If I were to lose my sight, I wouldn't feel bad knowing that I won't see those updated emojis ever again...
  10. Facelifted emojis will be the cause of numerous nightmares. Thank you very much
  11. Threads complaining about the difficulty of MR30 test are the pinnacle of ignorance and many of them involve self torture with limited equipment to prove a point to nobody. You claim it to be nothing but a gear check. You have all the gear and you fail the test. What gives? You point at RNG in Warframe being a problem but proceed to push it to its boundaries and then act shocked about it? Words can't describe how ridiculous this is... I don't disagree that Ancients are annoying but you absolutely can't blame the game if you're consciously making it hard for yourself and there are
  12. I'd be happy if they finally fixed SP Arena missions not having max spawns regardless of player count.
  13. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, she needs them gone ASAP 👁️‍🗨️👄👁️‍🗨️
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